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  1. Pyrebranch

    Public my whole life's becoming potatoes - getting cheered up

    He felt hopeless. Hopeless, frustrated, tired, and disappointed. Pyrebranch irritatedly tabbed his left front paw on the ground. No matter what he did, no matter how hard he tried, it was never enough. Other cats thought he was weird, and it was getting even more frustrating with all that was...
  2. Pyrebranch

    Public who is staring back at me in the mirror? - attempting to change self, funny faces

    The first thing I need to do is... become more confident and assertive! Looking at his reflection in a small puddle just outside camp, Pyrebranch tried to make himself look scarier, someone that other cats wouldn't want to mess with. Unfortunately, that didn't work. He tried again, this time...
  3. Pyrebranch

    the day the seasons stopped changing - oneshot - i still remember it, you know

    //tw for less-than-nice thoughts about himself No matter what he seemed to do, nothing seemed to be working. He thought that, as Pyrebranch, he could leave the life of 'Pyre' behind. But, he still felt as unhappy as he did back then. He felt... dissatisfied with himself. At one point, he...
  4. Pyrebranch

    chasing little sparks - pike

    Pike didn't remember him. The newly named Pyrebranch had expected that. After all, he didn't really 'exist' to anyone before he arrived in WindClan. He wouldn't be surprised if all of his other siblings forgot about him entirely. Even then, Pike wasn't the type who have followed those orders...
  5. Pyrebranch

    Public an apple a day - recovering

    Drowsily, the red tabby opened his eyes, blinking as he looked around. The pain had mostly subsided, save for some lingering weariness in his limbs which caused him to stumble every now and again. It wasn't going to affect him forever, at the very least. Well, he hoped. He had to do better...
  6. Pyrebranch

    Contains Controversial/Difficult Topics i'll carry all these burdens - overexcretion, collapsing - for everyone else's sake

    /haaaaappy in-universe birthday pyre.... you're 12 moons now... time to work yourself until your poor little body can't take it... Oops. It isn't enough. It isn't enough. It won't ever be enough if he doesn't keep working harder, harder, harder. Everyone is grieving, but he is not. Pyre can't...
  7. Pyrebranch

    you're just as far in as you'll ever be out - icecatcher

    ///tw for self-destructive behavior!!!! @Icecatcher Pyre was small, thin, and mostly kept to himself. It wasn't exactly a secret that he hadn't been taking the best care of himself. Still, Pyre didn't particularly want the other cats of WindClan to know how badly he was taking care of himself...
  8. Pyrebranch

    Public just sit and listen - return to activity/'eavesdropping'

    Things had started to grow on him. Being with this group was much better than staying at the twoleg place. Sure, he himself hadn't particularly changed much, more or less just caring a bit more about his own wellbeing, but the change of scenery was enough for him to feel more at ease. He found...
  9. Pyrebranch

    Contains Controversial/Difficult Topics breaking the habit - open, pushing himself

    (i put the content warning just in case! CW for self-destructive behavior) Pyre lacked a sense of awareness, or maybe disregard, when it came to his own well-being. Nobody was really close to him, and his own condition had never really mattered to himself, or anyone else for any matter. He had...
  10. Pyrebranch

    plot with pyre?

    Hello everyone! This thread is for plotting with my boy Pyre, an 11 moon old former-kittypet who has joined the Wind Runners after escaping from his home where he was neglected to the point of feeling like the was invisible by both his family and his twolegs. He tends to prefer solitude, and is...
  11. Pyrebranch

    Public no turning back - intro - it's a sudden death game

    Honestly, he should have left sooner. Pyre had journeyed for quite some time, travelling to find somewhere other than the place he was born. After all, no one cared if left to find a better place for himself. What little hunting skills he had managed to teach himself when he wasn't presented...
  12. Pyrebranch

    just holding it all in wont make your dreams blossom - pyrebranch

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