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  1. foxlore

    black snake + wolf thorn heartcharts

    Feel free to toss your characters in here for either of these two! As always, it's all IC opinions! I also stole this template sorry <3 WOLF THORN MUD PELT — ♥♥♥♥♥ "Muddo! That's my little brother, and he's one of my only friends in the clan. I don't know what I'd do without him. Getting to...
  2. foxlore

    Public wicked ones // working

    Maybe one day, Wolf Thorn would feel at home here on the moor. But WindClan truly didn’t feel like a place where he fit in, or even a place where he was needed. He’d gotten used to it, fallen into a routine he could deal with, and then out of the blue came Bright Shine—no, Brightstar’s...
  3. foxlore

    c'est la vie // dump

    storage for stuff! not organized at all, have fun trying to find things <3 CHARACTER TAGS TEMPLATE GENERAL ★ ★ Name | "Nickname" | Titles, aliases ★ Gender | Assigned sex at birth | Pronouns ★ Age | Ages on the ___ of each month ★ Group | Rank APPEARANCE ★ ★ Basic description (at first...
  4. foxlore

    uh oh here we go

    Howdy y'all, I'm Foxlore! I used to be on multiple other rp sites as either Aceofshades or Shadow. I’m trying to get back into rping, so I’ll probably end up doing that here once I get my bearings lol