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  1. nico


    due to interest in weekly tasks from the community, i've put together another sign-up thread below! i ask that you please don't sign up with a character that is still a kit, as characters must be at least an apprentice for jaywhisker to realistically assign the duty of handing out tasks to. and...
  2. nico

    storage v2: electric boogaloo

    new & improved 'cause the other one was decrepit
  3. nico

    WEEKLY TASK SIGN-UPS (june + july)

    hey everyone! we haven't had weekly tasks for a while now, so i've decided to kick that back up again! as a deputy, jaywhisker is responsible for giving out weekly tasks, so i will host weekly tasks two out of four weeks of each month. the other two weeks, however, are open for other characters...
  4. nico

    😳 storage

    no organization lets go 😎 pls don’t post!
  5. nico

    a return and an apology

    first of all, i want to apologize for disappearing without warning. my personal life hasn't been the best the past few months, and my mental health had taken a turn for the worst around the time that i dropped off the face of the forum and discord. my motivation became nonexistent. that isn't an...
  6. nico

    coding storage

    this is a thread where i can play around with bb codes and stuff. in no way am i a professional with any type of coding so don't expect anything high quality or fancy please dnp!
  7. nico

    a long overdue introduction

    hello hello! i'm sure most of you know why i'm making this thread. i'm still processing that feralfront is shutting down tbh, and while it's a bittersweet ending, i will miss roleplaying with all of the wonderful people and their equally wonderful characters on feralfront. but, as much as i will...