Public A BRAND NEW DAY (meeting + promotions + shoutouts)


Feb 19, 2021
Icecatcher's words found her first, excited and fluttering through the air as quickly as a bird's whistling. Brightstar couldn't help but let her chest puff out with pride, feeling honored that she got to be the one to name the two and bring them this happiness. Jay returned the offer with a steady nod, but she could see the happiness in his eyes. They would be amazing lead warriors, she just knew it! And they'd do well to teach Hawkflight the responsibilities as well. It brought her even more happiness then to know that Jay was willing to change his name to fit some of his clanmates that already bore warrior names. "Great!" She purred before standing straighter, lifting her head and tail higher. She took a moment to think, having not actually planned out what his name would be ahead of time. Finally, she seemed to make a decision and yowl, "Then by the powers of StarClan, I name you Jaywhisker for your intuition and dedication." Purring, she dipped her head towards the blue point, hoping he was happy with her choice of name. Icecatcher and Jaywhisker, the first two lead warriors of WindClan!

She wanted to offer warrior names to the rest of her clan to see if anymore cats wanted to get one, but first, she had something else to do. "Birdy, please step forward!" She called excitedly, seeking out her best friend in the crowd. She spotted her ebony form and beckoned her to stand, pride radiating off of her. Before the meeting, Birdy had requested this of her, and so she would do it. She'd give her a full clan name as well. "I wonder if having a full clan name will give you extra special StarClan powers, as the medicine cat!" She joked with a giggle before continuing, "By the powers of StarClan, I name you Birdwhisper for your quiet yet gentle generosity in healing your clanmates." She dipped her head to the medicine cat, holding it there for a long moment to show her deep respect for the she-cat. After several heartbeats, she straightened herself and purred, tail swishing across the stony surface.

Now, with those two naming ceremonies completed, she could open up the offer to the rest of her clan. "Would any other warriors like to receive a clan name today as well?" She'd yowl, eager voice bouncing off the walls of the hollow. Secretly, she hoped someone would say yes. She loved it when more cats joined in on the clan culture!
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Apr 19, 2021
★★★ - She would listen as Brightstar would announce their new names, her voice ringing out across the camp. Maple had been thinking about it for quite some time, and who was to say that she couldn't receive a new name as well? She was a member of WindClan now, and as long as she still had the first part of her name, Maple, then she didn't mind seeing what the leader would give her. Stepping forward, her sky-blue eyes would travel up the face of the Tallrock until they reached the leader. "Sure, why not?"
Oct 24, 2020

The knowledge that this was coming was something Birdy had come to terms with, yet she still felt somewhat faint, and an unmistakeable wave of general unsettling strangeness crashed furiously within her gut. Ignoring it best she could, the sliver of a molly shuffled forward to meet the gaze of her friend. Drifting from the meeting of gazes did her twin suns continue to persist, an unwillingness to hold eye-contact even with her best friend. Despite her best efforts the medicine cat found herself quivering slightly, feeling every eye burn into her like a brand upon her char-hued fur.

Birdwhisper. It was a lovely name, a name she was honoured to hold. A name which would hopefully bring her closer to StarClan, so Gray Wolf may be willing to give her the messages that she was meant to be receiving. Ever since he had met her gaze at the Moonstone, the two had not spoken, despite her apparent duty being to receive messages from the stars. Was there something she was doing wrong, or was Gray Wolf simply weakened from the process of giving Brightstar her nine lives? She did not know, but... the ebony femme was willing to do anything to show her dedication to the stars, even if... it didn't particularly sit right with her yet. But, Birdwhisper was a thoughtful name, a name she felt typified her very effectively- and to have received it from the one cat whose opinion she held above all else, her best friend, by all means her sister... well, that was a name worth having, something to be very, very proud of. The dip of her head, elongated and delicate, encapsulated this best she could; and newly-named Birdwhisper hurriedly limped away, to hide by Tawny Dove's side.
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Apr 6, 2021

new names were being offered, and pipit's ears perked in interest. receiving a clan name... doesn't sound so bad. though, they wonder if it's an offer that they're allowed to accept. they haven't been in the clan for very long. with a hesitant step forwards, pipit looks to brightstar with an uncertain smile. "um.. if i'm allowed to, i'll take on a clan name." if he's permitted, it would mark the beginning of a new chapter for him. turning over a new leaf, starting a better life with windclan.

Name: pipit
Age: twenty-five months old
Gender: non-binary
Pronouns: he/him, they/them
Group: windclan
Rank: warrior
Appearance: tall, fluffy black smoke tabby-and-white with a mask of white that covers half of their face. has vitiligo spotting and mismatched eyes.


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Apr 3, 2021

Lush was still learning her way around clan life and trying to figure out what she was supposed to be doing. It seemed that they were all just one big family who helped each other out. It was strange really. They didn't take much time to play or rest and they certainly didn't venture far past their camp.

The meeting was some much needed excitement for Lush. She had just turned 13 moons old and perhaps it was time for her to settle down and do her best to learn about what a warrior should be. As Brightstar suggested, she thought that maybe a warrior's name would be the first step to officially leaving behind her old life as a kittypet and starting a new one here with WindClan.

"I'd like a name." She called to their leader. A new name would be so exciting!



Apr 25, 2021
sturdy, roundish calico with pear eyes and a scar-littered mawwindclan warrior40 moons
Clan name, whistles ears as she strolls into the crowd, lark in laughing jaw. Well, would you look at that! Grin sweeping like sunlight from shooting rocks, howling powers, taking names to teeth and speaking rebirth, sands' endless whisk of bones to marrow's nourish. No clue what the gathering's for - but she wants in.

"Brightstar!" So she shoves to the front, shouts spitting from twinning grin once the bird's dropped and dragged by claws, shredding feathers, eyes bright. A nod speaks her intentions well enough, she reckons, but she's never one for quiet. "Give a molly a good one, yeh hear?"


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Feb 26, 2021

Pyre had settled all on his lonesome, listening to the meeting, golden eyes locked onto Brightstar. He was happy for those that had received promotions, knowing that more cats to take up leadership roles would lessen the stress upon Brightstar, especially with Tawny Dove's injury. Of course, he'd never outright approach and congratulate them, but maybe if he saw a pretty flower or rock, he'd offer it as an anonymous gift.

However, his focus drifted elsewhere when Brightstar mentioned giving Clan names to other cats. He blinked, tilting his head thoughtfully. He didn't HATE his name, it was a perfectly fine name. It just... Well, it was the name he was given when he was just an invisible little kitten. But he was Pyre. He felt like Pyre. Maybe... a clan name would be good for him, to fully become more than just an invisible kittypet. But he'd have to give it some consideration first. He needed to be absolutely certain that he was ready to receive a Clan name. Until then, he was content just observing those who chose to take on a new name.​
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Name: Pyre
Age: 11 Moons
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Group: WindClan
Rank: Kit
Appearance: Red tabby tom with short fur and pale gold eyes.



Feb 19, 2021
To say the least, Brightstar was overjoyed to see several cats stepping forward to receive a warrior name. Her grin grew even wider as she stared happily down at the four cats: Maple, Pipit, Lush, and Yucca. By making this change, they were demonstrating their commitment to WindClan and their dedication to being a warrior for each and every one of their clanmates. She was so proud of them! Practically wiggling with excitement, she nodded and paused to think for a moment. After a few heartbeats, she trilled loudly, "By the powers of StarClan, I give each of you your warrior names! Maple, from this moment on you will be Maplespring for your spirit and skill in traversing trees. Pipit, you will be Pipitcloud for your quiet and caring nature. Lush, you will be Lushleaf for your energy and grace. And Yucca, you will be Yuccaclaw for your boldness and tenacity!" Purring, she lifted her voice to begin to chant every cat's new names, urging her clanmates to join in with a joyful flick of her tail. "Jaywhisker! Birdwhisper! Maplespring! Pipitcloud! Lushleaf! Yuccaclaw!"

After the chanting died back down, the calico had a few more things to address. Taking a seat, she wrapped her fluffy tail around herself and searched for a familiar face in the crowd. "Livid Brook?" She called, tail swishing by her paws. "I'd like to lift your punishment. You've proven to me that you have learned your lesson and are dedicated to your clanmates. Thank you for your loyalty," She purred, seeking out the lop-eared molly and dipping her head to her.

Lifting her head back up, the leader cleared her throat and scanned her clan once more. "The last thing I'd like to address is the continuation of battle training. With Tawny Dove in the medicine den, I'm leaving the organization of lessons to Icecatcher and Jaywhisker." She turned her head towards the two new lead warriors and gave them a cheery nod. "I know you two will do great!" They would be in charge of assigning cats to lead the lessons, as well as leading any themselves if they wanted to. With that, the meeting was over and she'd said all she needed to say. With a wave of her tail, she dismissed everybody and leapt down from the Tallrock to go about her day.

Livid Brook

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Feb 11, 2021

A lead warrior role? "Feather-guard.." The tabby ticked lilac couldn't help but murmur under her breath. Her feathery tail unwrapping from her to give a lash, her vivid hazel sights seeking out the one that had traveled from the mountains to be reduced to just a queen. How did Howling Wind feel about that? She had never considered it before. Brightstar was already rolling to the next topic as the Scottish-fold had to pull her attention back. Uncertainty wriggled in her stomach as the leader inquired if anyone would like a clan name- And to her surprise, many spoke up in request. Her gaze would travel across each and every cat that did so, listening as the calico listed off their new names and reason as to what it meant. This was unfamiliar, she knew Brightstar had gone through several name changes since she had arrived but she kind of pinned it as the molly liking to change things up ever so often. In the mountains when a mother and father had named their child.. It was just that. Would one of her children request a new name at some point? Would they want someone else's appraisal over hers? Would she..-

Frays of fluff would dip down as the molly's head jerked up at the sound of her name. Moor graced eyes were settled upon the folded-ear femme, her tail was tugged back around her paws in a moment to recover herself. Her sentencing was.. Lifted. Livid Brook would bite back a smile and take to dipping her head instead in silent thanks. She was able to hunt again, escape the camp confines- Return to the forest for all the squirrels she could return back with.

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Name: Livid Brook

Age: 43 Moons

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She|Her|Hers

Group: Windclan

Rank: Queen

Appearance: LH lilac classic tabby {Scottish-fold} - Hazel eyes that can be explained best as a fusion of yellow and green. All four paws having white toes. Extremely fluffy, to the point that she may be considered fat.

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