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heart's ripple

Jan 6, 2021

Current Name:
Heart's Ripple
- - former names? Ripple
- - name meaning: He was referred to as Ripple by some of the city cats he knew after showing he was an extraordinary swimmer and fisherman. He loves water, so he went with it. Gray Wolf later gave him the "Heart's" part because he has an unusually good understanding for others' feelings and a passion for caring for them.

Nickname(s): Rip
Gender: Male
Age: 21 moons
- - ages every 28th
Affiliation(s): WindClan
- - former group(s)? The city cats, the Tribe of Rushing Water, the Wind Runners
Rank: Warrior
- - former rank(s)? Sharpclaw
Romantic Orientation: Biromantic
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Voice: Soft and sweet but not high-pitched
- - voice claim(s)? Zach Callison as Steven Universe

Scent: Pond water, dirt, sometimes lavender.


Caramel w/ chocolate point
White patches on chin and neck
Short fur
Brown nose
Blue-green eyes
Average height
Slender but muscular
Soft, clean fur
Stays mostly clean but not afraid to get dirty


Good Traits:
Loving, passionate, loyal, hard-working, emotionally intelligent, quick to help anyone.
Bad Traits: Overly sentimental, sometimes annoying, tends to get into people's business sometimes when trying to help

Are they more optimistic or pessimistic? Optimistic.
Are they introverted, extroverted, or ambiverted? Extroverted.
Are they more impulsive or are they patient? Both.
Are they more of a leader, follower, or do they switch between? He switches between to suit the needs of those around him, but he's able to naturally take the lead.
What are their ambitions? He wants to keep building his relationship with Sour, perhaps have kits, and establish a good, safe, home for his tribe.
Do they keep promises? Yes, always
Have they ever lied? Of course, everyone lies. Nothing big that he can think of since he's never had a reason to.
Are they religious? Yes
- - what do they believe in? StarClan.
Do they get upset easily? No.
What irritates them? Negative, mean, or overly critical cats.
What makes them happy? Water, Sour Heart, all of his friends, seeing everyone together.
Are they competitive? Yes!
What do they fear? Being alone, others not caring for him like he cares for them, being out alone in the dark,
What is their deepest secret? Sometimes he feels as if he's useless to those around him.
Would they start a fight? No.
Would they end a fight? Yes.
- - how? Talking and maybe even physical force.
How do they show affection? He's touchy and likes to hug and nudge, but he also offers superb emotional support.
How do they treat friends? Like family.
How do they treat acquaintances? With kindness and lack of judgement.
How do they treat enemies? With pity.
How do they regard strangers? Again, kindness until he learns about them.
Do they prefer to have many friends or just a few? Many!
Do they want kits? Yes, maybe

What do they like? Frogs and toads (not to eat!), water, swimming, spring, wip
What do they dislike? Winter,

Tropes? text


Have they ever hunted?
Have they ever sparred? Yes.
Have they ever been in a real fight? No.
Have they ever killed someone? No.
- - what did they kill them over? N/A
Do they have any crushes? Sour Heart.
- - any former crushes? None
Have they ever been in love? Yes, Sour Heart.
What is their current martial status? Partnered.
How many partners have they had? 1
Do they have any kits? No.
Do they have a mentor? No.
- - former mentor(s)? N/A
Do they have an apprentice? No
- - former apprentice(s)? N/A

Favorite Food: Mice
Favorite Color: Blue-green
Favorite Smell: Lavender, Sour Heart's fur
Favorite Animal: Frogs and Toads
Favorite Time of Day: Morning
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Place: Home
Favorite Activity: Swimming


Biological family unknown

Mate: Sour Heart played by Droid

Best Friend(s): Sour Heart ?

Friends: All of WindClan

Enemies: None[/COLOR]

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