Oct 23, 2020
I have no idea how to name things sometimes lmao-
warning as i literally have no organization to my thoughts so if anything is confusing or anything, just ask me to elaborate and i'll try my best lmao

basically, to help flesh out the tribe and give us some more places within the huge territory of the tribe's, i'm planning on hosting a small unofficial landmark competition. This will actually go hand in hand with the current plot that's going on-which i will do my own set-up for here soon in the board for timeline stuff-where the tribe cats are looking around the territory for places still rich with prey. For now we're still in pt.2 of the plot but pt.3 1/2 will be introduced asap once i type up the summaries for it and get the meeting up.

for the competition itself, i need people who would like to volunteer for helping me with prizes! I'm thinking of having three unofficial landmarks added of almost anything that would realistically be found in these high up mountains, the valley, etc and i was thinking perhaps some artist/coders/anyone would like to help me in the prizes. I'm thinking of having a placement system where there are three winners(3 landmarks) and perhaps an honorable mentions??? For winners, maybe they get one or two pieces of art from one of the volunteer artist, a badge to put in their storage-until we get a working badge system for now-and the honorable mention could get a sketch/headshot/whatever the artists are comfortable with from the volunteer artist of their choosing(given the artist is comfortable of course) and a badge?? and everyone else can get a sort of participation badge??? (again, these will only be able to be put in storages for now but, hey, they're still fun no matter what lmao)
but uh yeah i just need help with ideas for prizes-perhaps a title or something?- along with an interest check to see if anyone would like to volunteer for anything or whatever-


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Oct 9, 2020
If you need art for prizes I'm maybe willing to do a piece or two for the winners ❤ I'd prefer doing headshots though :0 Whether or not I'd help do runner up or winner art is up to u if art is needed for rewards
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