Resource Guide Discord Chat Policies

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Oct 5, 2020


Discord is a popular hotspot for group chatting, and CalicoCorner has its own server. You can find the link on our front page on the bottom right; there is a button that says Join our Discord Server. All of the CalicoCorner board’s policies apply to our server, from behavior to roleplay—but there are a few extra rules that are applicable specifically to our Discord.

1. Be nice. No personal attacks, harassment, witch-hunting, sexism, racism, hate speech, or any other disruptive behavior will be tolerated.

2. No offensive, NSFW, or disruptive nicknames/profile pictures. This includes blank/invisible names and excessive use of noisy or unusual Unicode characters. Please use the name of your main forum account somewhere in order for staff to know who you are.

3. Keep sensitive topics in the sensitive topics channel. Discussions pertaining to gender, sexuality, religion, politics, race, and otherwise can quickly turn into heated debates and should not be aired in the general chat.
3a. Be aware of your content. Though this is a sensitive channel, there are some topics that should be avoided. This is a 13+ site, so don't discuss anything you wouldn't want a 13 year old to read or respond to! Examples of this include but are not limited to harm and sexual activity/arousal.​

4. No Spamming. Memes and pictures are allowed in the appropriate channels. Keep memes SFW.

5. NSFW content is NOT allowed. Posting NSFW material will result in an instant ban.

6. Keep cursing to a minimum. You may curse, but not excessively. Do not insult others.

7. No trash talking other sites. You are allowed to talk about other roleplay sites as you please, but do not trash talk other websites. Additionally, obvious promotions for other sites without asking and receiving permission from the administrative staff is not allowed.

If you are asked to stop certain behavior by a member of staff, please do so. Repeatedly breaking these rules will result in escalating punishment along the following track:

1 - Temporary mute
2 - Formal warning
3 - Temporary ban
4 - Permanent ban

If you feel you have been wrongly reprimanded by a member of staff, please PM an admin.

If you see behavior that you feel breaks these rules, please report it to a member of staff. Copy all of the logs and post them into your report so we can get the full scope of the issue. If this happens over Voice Chat, please explain in detail what happened, and who was around during the incident.

Credit to Diana for the original guide.
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