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Oct 5, 2020

Extended Game Rules​

1. Animals may only be played if they are in the Playable Animals list, which is located in the Codex.

2. All abilities and mutations must be purchased from the Shop. Abilities may only add up to 100%.

3. A leader can be replaced after one month of 15 or fewer IC posts, or 2 weeks of no posts. The next highest position can then step up.

4. A character can only be a leader for one real-life year. Then, the character must retire by stepping down, disappearing, dying, or otherwise.

5. Animals can't understand writing or human speech, nor can they create human items. They can use scavenged items and swear.

6. Animal names must conform to the Extended naming rules guide, which is located in the Codex.

7. It's up to the group leader who joins. Characters can be rejected for any reasonable reason.

8. No powerplay/godmodding.

9. No excessively wide age gap relationships.

10. No IC use of drugs, smoking, or alcohol is permitted, nor is roleplaying sensitive topics such as rape, pedophilia, prostitution, and so on.

Extended Game Rules - Expanded

  1. Animals may only be roleplayed if they are listed in the Playable Animals guide within the Codex. This is mainly for the purpose of worldbuilding. Any animal that is not listed cannot be played. Mythical animals and extinct animals are not allowed.

  2. If you want your character to have an ability or mutation, it must be purchased in the Shop before it is able to be used. All abilities may only add up to 100%, but mutations are unlimited. Recessive mutations and abilities must also be purchased in order to pass down to a character's offspring.

  3. High Positions will assume the leader role if the current leader falls inactive for two weeks; alternatively, if a leader posts fifteen or fewer times over the course of a month, the next character in line can also take over. If there are no other high positions who can take over, a normal member may step up. In such situations, don't hesitate to contact staff to help iron things out and make sure the "take over" goes smoothly.

  4. Leaders are allowed to remain in their position for a maximum of one real-life year, before being forced to retire. This is in order to keep activity moving and to encourage new people and minds to guide their groups in different and interesting directions.

  5. Characters cannot understand human speech or writing in roleplay, so a human and an animal still cannot communicate in Teveron's world. However, animals can use human swears, as well as wear human clothing and accessories, as long as these items are scavenged. An animal cannot create human items, such as knitting a sweater or metalworking a sword. They do not have the thumbs or resources to do so.

  6. All names must conform to the Extended name guide, in order to keep names from becoming too confusing and irrational. This is for worldbuilding purposes. Some names may be grandfathered into the game if the character was created before a specific date.

  7. Group leaders can reject a character for any reasonable reason in-game. If you feel your character was rejected due to an out of character reason, please contact staff! A leader can reject your character from joining if they murdered someone, but not if the roleplayer doesn't like you.

  8. Powerplay and godmodding are strictly prohibited! Powerplay is when you control or injure another character without their permission, or without allowing them a chance to respond and react. You must attempt actions; do not assume your action/attack worked unless you've communicated with the other person, and received permission. If you haven’t asked, please always put “attempted”, especially in battle! (Example: NPCfur jumped at Examplepelt, attempting to scratch at his muzzle. If this succeeded, he would then...) Godmodding is making your character dodge every attack and be all-powerful. You can avoid this by giving them flaws and having an even balance in fights. (Example: My character is really big so he's super strong, but that also means he's slow and can't avoid attacks or attack as quickly).

  9. Please take into consideration the age of your character and the age of the characters they interact with romantically! A six to eleven month character would translate to a teenager, and so a relationship with a twelve month or older character (an adult) would be explicitly uncomfortable and should be avoided. Animals under twelve months can not partake in litters.

  10. Teveron is not a place to roleplay anthropomorphic animals or humans. The animals in Teveron are strictly animals, and thus they cannot partake in human behavior, such as using drugs, alcohol, or smoking. In addition, because we would like to keep the roleplay on our site clean and comfortable for those who use it as an escape, sensitive topics such as rape, pedophilia, prostitution, slavery, beastiality, and so on are prohibited. Please keep human topics out of animal roleplay.
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