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May 16, 2021
FIRE KIN ⤕ From the embers, We Rise



Queen & King: Rulers of the Kin. Their word is law and must be always obeyed.

Head Guardian: Second in Command (Until the Prince/Princess are fully trained), Authority comes only after the Queen and King and the Prince/Princess.

Spirit~Talker: The closest cat to the Goddess and her children. They can predict prophecies by reading and receiving signs or visions from the Goddess. They also heal cats and know herbs and berries most helpful for healing.


Prince/Princess: Heir to the throne. Chosen by the Goddess and Patron Elementals, usually from the Current Monarch’s litter though not always.

Head Guardian Heir: Heir to the rank of Head Guardian. Training to assist the Prince/Princess once they become King/Queen.

Spirit~Learner: Heir to the rank of Spirit~Talker. Learning the ways of healing and communicating with the Goddess and the Elementals.

Knights: Guardians that have earned the Royal Family’s recognition and respect. They usually set up patrols and lead them.


Guardians: Cats aged 12 months or older who protect, feed, and defend the Kin. Some Guardians can become Teachers and train younger cats, called Learners, to become Guardians.

Learners: A young cat training to be a Guardian. They are usually trained by an experienced Guardian. Their Teacher teaches them to hunt, fight, and protect their Kin.

Teachers: Guardians who have been tasked a Learner to teach them the ways of the Kin.

Little Ones: cats of the Kin who are 5 months of age or younger

Nurturers: Pregnant cats or cats who have just given birth/are raising Little Ones

Wise Ones: Cats older than 100 months old (around 8 years old in Real life terms)
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Located within a vast and flourishing redwood forest, the Fire Kin is warmly tucked away from most of its borders. The forest itself is bathed in sunlight throughout the day, causing the trees and flora here to thrive beneath its warmth, sometimes rivaling even the Earth Kin's sprawling greenery. There are plenty of slow-moving streams and babbling brooks that can provide some temporary relief to the spring and summer heats. The winters here are usually fairly tame, though occasionally the snow can tower like the trees that cover the territory. Climbing the redwoods is dangerous, but not impossible, and doing so should be left to those who have experience climbing.

The Home Cave is located right in the heart of Fire Kin territory. Found underground through a small bramble tunnel, a large hole is seen at the top center of the inside of the cave, allowing sunlight and rain alike to pour into the center of the gathering space. This hole allows the sunlight to warm the sand that covers the cave floor, making the cave in its entirety warm and comfortable all year round.

In the center of the Home Cave sits the Solar Throne, where the sunlight filters in, sits a large and imposing boulder where the King and Queen hold meetings, hand out promotions, delivers punishments, and announce festivals. Only the King and Queen are allowed upon this rock, legend stating that any cat who attempts to climb atop it will have their paw pads burned from the heat that's generated from the rock.

There are plenty of small pools and puddles that reside within the cave, allowing those of the Fire Kin to quench their thirsts without having to leave the cave during the winter months or for the Wise Ones who's fragile bones can no longer make the trek up and through the bramble tunnel.

The Royal Family shares a network of dens that can be found carved into the cave walls just behind the Solar Throne.

The Head Guardian and their Heir share a den just below the Royal family.

The Spirit~Talker and their heir house themselves within a greenhouse-like den to the right of the Solar Throne, the entrance to this mini cave are covered with vines that drape over the opening like a curtain. Inside the den, the humidity allows plants and other herbs to grow within the cracks in the wall, and a small pool can be found towards the back.

The Knights, Guardians, and Learners dens can be found throughout the cave spaced sporadically as some cats like their privacy from the rest of the Kin. Some dens are connected through a network of tunnels, while others are simple holes that have been carved into the wall.

Directly outside of the Home Cave, a large meadow can be found, and it is in this place that most of the Learners training can be done. Kits ARE allowed outside of the Home cave, however, they must be accompanied by their parents, to at least one warrior per kitten. Also, they are not allowed to go any farther than the edges of the meadow, as the redwoods that tower around the clearing serve as a protective barrier against birds of prey and other predators.

Pass the barrier of Redwoods that encircle the meadow, the forest truly opens up before you. The path to the left will lead you to the Flaming Arena, a jagged outlook of rocks that have no protection from trees. This place is usually reserved for Guardians and higher ranks, as the sun is unrelenting here as well as snakes finding a home within the shade of the rocks. Some tournaments or punishments are performed here.

To the right of the barrier, lays the Fire Field, a large field of flowers that bloom from spring to fall, and most cats use these flowers as gestures of affection towards their Kin-mates. Red flowers are used to express romantic love and are commonly used to proposals. Orange flowers are used to express familiar love. Yellow flowers are used to express Friendly love or the desire to form a friendship. Purple flowers are used during funerals, expressing grief and loss. And White flowers are used to express regret or as a gesture of apology.

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The faith that is shared among the Kin Lands is that of Riyja, Goddess Of Beginnings. The story goes, that Riyja created the heavens and the earth and all the things one can find upon it. However, after creation, her heart wept with loneliness and so she gave birth to her children, known as the elementals.

Zialdir, Demi-God Of Fire

Itix, Demi-Goddess Of Earth

Qaldes, Demi-God Of Rain

Rugulla, Demi-Goddess Of Wind

Udione, Demi-God Of Shadows

and finally,

Dovphy, Demi-Goddess Of Light

Her children were tasked with maintaining the balance of her newly created world, caring for its inhabitants, and ruling over their respective elements.

One day, Zialdir was traveling the earth when he happened upon a beautiful she-cat named Relene, with a pelt as red as a brand of fire and eyes of striking auburn. Their love affair was one that was forbidden, as a demi-god and a mortal could never truly be together. However, this did not stop the passionate and hot-headed Zialdir from pursuing the maiden, and soon she found herself pregnant with his kits.

However, word of her pregnancy would soon reach the ears of Qaldes, who grew enraged for he had also fallen for the beautiful mortal, but had resisted due to not wanting to disrupt the natural order. Qaldes ordered for the mortal she-cat and her kit to be killed, worried that the birth of a half-mortal half-divine being would through the world into chaos.

Zialdir hid Relene away as war raged between the two Elementals; Itix and Dovphy siding with Zialdir, and Udione siding with Qaldes.

The earth was ravaged savagely during this time, the mortals of the earth were stricken with plague and starvation, many dying as a result of the feud. When Relene saw the destruction her beloved was causing on her behalf. She wished her beloved kits goodbye, before sneaking away and presenting herself to Qaldes as a sacrifice to stop the fighting.

As the Demi-god dealt the brutal blow, however, The Mother Goddes intervened, admiring the mortals' courage to face the diety and instead of death, granted her spiritual life, making her the first cat to ever step paw in the afterlife (what is now called Elysium).

As the Goddess restored the world, she offered a truce to her children. Relene had birthed six kits before her death, and so one kitten was given to each Elemental as a sign of peace.

These kits, being raised with the morals and values of their adopted parents, would later establish the Kin Lands.

The Fire Kin, lead by Flare

The Earth Kin, lead by Oak

The Water Kin, lead by Rain

and The Shadow Kin, lead by Dark

The daughters of Rugulla and Dovphy, Breeze and Glow respectively, would choose not to create their own Kins, instead, Glow would travel the world in search of further enlightenment while Breeze formed the Gale Striders, a nomadic group who visits the Kin Lands every season for the Great Reunion.


⤕ For one week out of the year, all the Kin Lands as well as the offspring of Glow and the Gale Striders, come together to celebrate their life and to swap stories or news about their homes. A much grander event than the monthly Council, the Great Reunion is a time of absolute truce, where cross clan families can see each other in peace, friendly chatter can be had, and Olympic-like tournaments can be held with prizes.

⤕ On the first day of every month, the Monarchs of each Kin, along with a few trusted others, gather together to share news of potential threats to the land as a whole, as well as settle feuds that may be bubbling beneath the surface. This is usually the time that Rulers will announce their heirs to the others, declare war on another Kin, or introduce their head guardians and spirit talkers. Kits are not allowed at these meetings, and only Learners 9 moons and above may attend, as while there is a truce in place, it is a tentative one.

⤕ Proposals and weddings are a common custom within the Kin Lands. Ranging from small family parties to large Royal Weddings, these days are usually filled with laughter and good wishes. One member of the Royal Family along is usually expected to attend, and the ceremony is conducted at the base of the Solar Throne with the Spirit~Talker preceding. A blessing is spoken over the couple, and a band of sturdy vine or bramble is given to each cat as a bracelet to wear around their left wrist as a sign of engagement. As the vows are spoken the married couple slips a flower of choice into the band to signify the marriage, this flower must be replaced periodically as a sign that the partners are still devoted to the marriage. A band with a wilting flower is seen as an omen that the couple is no longer working on the union.

⤕ Always a somber event within the Kin Lands, funerals are held with the highest of reverence. All High ranks are expected to attend and give a small speech in remembrance of the fallen cat, and a funeral procession is made from the Home Cave to the Fire Field, where the dead are buried beneath the largest and oldest Redwood tree. Family of those deceased, are pardoned from their duties for at least a week, should they choose to take it, to allow themselves time to grieve. It is not uncommon for the dens of the families to also be decorated with purple and white flowers as a gesture of grief and regret of loss.

⤕ When the Prince or Princess is chosen, a large ceremony is held once they are of age (around 6 moons old) to officially declare them the heir to the throne. The King and Queen and Spirit~Talker will gift them a necklace of vines or brambles with a shiny stone woven into it to signify their new rank within the Kin.

⤕ Ceremony held for when the heirs to the Head Guardian and Spirit~Talker are chosen. Similar to a Coronation, except with less fanfare, and the necklace given to them is fashioned with smaller stones than the Prince/Princess. (Spirit~Talker Heirs have feathers intertwined within their necklaces).

⤕ One of the most sacred beliefs within the Kin Lands is the existence of SoulMates. Usually found once a cat turns 18 moons old, the bond between soulmates is a serious and intense one. Normally announced via a dream to both parties, Once the SoulMate bond has been established, nothing short of death can break it. It is the only source of power or magic that can be found in this world, as Soulmates are gifted (and cursed) with the ability to feel their partners emotions, whether or not they are in danger, or can pick up extremely vague thoughts if the situation is dire enough.

⤕ While the Soulmate bond is a powerful and beautiful thing, it CAN be rejected should one or both individuals see fit. It is a rare occurrence for one cat to reject its Soulmate, and often an extremely painful one. The rejection described in stories is the feeling of being born in two, as your other half is being stripped from your existence. As such, once a Soulmate is rejected it is also extremely rare for the Goddess to gift you with a second chance, which is why rejections cautioned against.
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King and Queen
⤕ The leaders/rulers of each Kin Group. Their power and authority are absolute as they are believed to be chosen by the Goddess and the Kin’s Patron Elemental themselves. They are responsible for ensuring the peace and prosperity of their Kin, holding trials, and handing out punishments when fitting. Always expected to hold themselves to a higher point, being neutral in all decisions and getting involved with their Kinmates as much as possible.

⤕ Always addressed as “Prince XXX”, “Princess XXX”, “Sire”, “My Lady” etc.

The Heir to the King and Queen, normally chosen from the previous monarch’s litters, although can be chosen from any litter within the Kin should the Goddess not see any of the kits as fit or the King and Queen had no children.

A Prince/Princess has less power than a Head Guardian until they are trained and proven ready to lead. Once the Rulers believe their Heir is knowledgeable enough in the art of politics, diplomacy, demonstrates leadership skills, the Rulers will jointly step down to allow the new blood to lead.

It's worth noting that often the Goddess and Patron Elemental chooses the Heir and will send a sign to the Spirit~Talker. Under extremely rare circumstances, a Ruler may make the decision without the aid of their goddess or Patron Elemental, HOWEVER, should the deities later make a choice, the chosen heir must step down. A cat must be at least 8 moons old OR have found its Soul Mate to be eligible for a promotion to this rank. There is no maximum age, but most likely not retired or close to retiring felines.

One last mention, oocly, the rper of the Prince/Princess will still be considered the "second command" oocly even if their character is not fully trained.

Head Guardian
⤕ The Kin Lands equivalent to Deputy. The Head Guardian is seen as a highly-skilled and experienced Guardian, they are also picked for the role from a young age (from the previous Head Guardian’s litter or other litters if deemed worthy as well). Tasked with assisting the Royal family in their Rule, enforcing the decrees of the King and Queen as well as being a protector of the King and Queen. Head Guardians are usually chosen by a mark they are given by the Goddess after the Prince/Princess is born, which notes they are destined to assist their Ruler.

OOC Rper’s who are active and friendly within the community will be contacted if they are chosen to either create or have their character become the Head Guardian.

Head Guardian responsibilities include;

  • Making calls only if the King or Queen is not present and can absolutely not make the call. They do have power over the Prince or Princess IF they are not fully trained.
  • Organizing patrols in the morning, along with observing and suggesting Teacher and Learner pairings.
  • Enforcing the rules along with the Monarchs and the Spirit~Talker’s words if they see a cat going against them.
  • May accept or turn away cats from the Kin.

Head Guardian Heir
⤕ Heir to the rank of Head Guardian, learning all the skills needed to assist the Royal Family in their rule, as well as acting as the sole advisor/protector of the Prince/Princess. When the Prince/Princess is chosen by the Goddess, the kit that is chosen to be Head Guardian alongside them will receive a mark (usually a fire symbol) on their right shoulder from the Patron Elemental.

⤕ The healer and spiritual bridge between the mortal world and the Realm of the Goddess and Elementals. They are tasked with interpreting signs and prophecies from the deities as well as helping in identifying the chosen Heirs for the Monarchs and the Head Guardian. Are Highly respected and believed to be protected by the Goddess herself, so any harm done to them is forbidden, no matter the Kin you hail from.

⤕ Heir to the rank of Spirit~Talker. Chosen from birth, usually identified by a small star that is found anywhere on their body. When the Heir is born, the current Spirit~Talker will receive a dream or vision announcing so.