Future RP Game Survey


Oct 6, 2020
Hey everyone,

We’ve received some feedback recently that some folks weren’t pleased about the future canine RP we’ve been planning behind the scenes, and because we value your feedback and input we wanted to put some of this feedback up to a survey.

We’re sharing a brainstorming doc with you today that will hopefully give context and a first look into the new RP game we’ve been developing. It’s important to note that the ideas reflected in this doc are all a work in progress and are subject to change. Furthermore, the concept we’ve been working on is still a long way from being done and available to play and any changes resulting from this survey will cause it to take longer as we try to fit them into the world we’re building.

I want to personally emphasize that we on staff believe that the way to make this RP game truly shine is through a cohesive and well built world with unique factions, history, and culture. While your characters will bring our world to life, we want them to have a strong foundation to thrive in. With that being said, this was never intended to be the next Agrelos. Instead, we’ve been working on a game that we’re very passionate about and that we think could be immensely fun to RP in. For transparency, we are not very passionate about some of the changes that have been suggested. The staff team is entirely made up of volunteers, and we value our time and effort. With that being said, this community was built off of communication and we’re willing to compromise if the greater community wants to see these changes implemented.

The use of “Extended” to describe this new RP game was never supposed to imply we’re trying to carry on FF’s extended game with a spiritual successor to Agrelos. While we want to encourage FF extended RPers to bring back their characters in this new game, the original intention was for them to be new incarnations of said characters that make sense within the game’s world or entirely new characters.

With all of that being said, here’s the document:
Canine RP Concept/Brainstorming

Here’s the survey where you can vote for what you like and give feedback. Please like this post if you plan on submitting a response to this survey:
Future RP Game Survey
This thread will also be open if you’d like to comment and provide further feedback.

Thank you,
Cryptic and the Staff Team


Oct 5, 2020
Hi guys!
First of all, thanks so much for the awesome feedback thus far! Staff has been working incredibly hard on the document we attached, so to those of you who read it and commented on how interesting it is, it put a smile on all of our faces!
We'd like to reiterate quickly to please read the document and the announcement above before responding to the survey since they both work hand in hand to answer some of the things that have been said so far!

So, as we said, here's the first update for the survey with some questions, comments, and concerns answered!

1. There's too much lore/world-building.
The purpose of the lore we've established thus far and the world-building we've been working on all serve a purpose and forms a cohesive story. For those that read the document, we noted some of the inspiring worlds we've used to spur some of our ideas. So for the sake of this point, I'll use The Elder Scrolls! If one were to install and play Skyrim, you don't need to know all of the lore and the richness of Tamriel to enjoy the game. It's even more enjoyable when you indulge in that context, but the game is still a great time without it. The purpose of the world we're creating is to provide a setting with explanations for why things are the way they are, but they will in no way be overbearing rigid rules. You never ask yourself "Why is the Dark Brotherhood a thing" instead you just enjoy the quest-line, but when you actually deep dive into the lore it just becomes more immersive and fun.
This leads perfectly into concern/comment 2.

2. This isn't like Agrelos/Agrelos did this
To quote Robby "The use of “Extended” to describe this new RP game was never supposed to imply we’re trying to carry on FF’s extended game with a spiritual successor to Agrelos." This isn't like Agrelos because it isn't Agrelos (There was a comment or two confused as to what Agrelos is, and to answer you, it was an alternative RP game that existed on FeralFront alongside Trad as we would have here!). There were comments that people enjoyed the freedom of Agrelos, enjoyed making their own traditions and history and the world-building that existed was created by the players. However, this is a story being written by many people, and so world-building done in that manner stands no chance of being cohesive. In the survey, there were negative responses describing Agrelos as a "lawless, chaotic, hellscape" which is exactly what we're trying to avoid by providing an interesting and cohesive world we created ourselves! To give a little credence to the concept, Robbytaku is a talented game developer with a degree in game production. In his time in game development, he's gotten a lot of experience working on, and in turn has learned a lot about designing, fun and engaging experiences. So the concept we offered might not be the same as what people are used to, but there will be a lot going for it in the long run.

3. Will hybrids be sterile?
Absolutely not! All characters will be allowed to reproduce, hybrids or otherwise.

4. Will there be powers?
Yes! Characters can and will have powers! These powers can either be back-written onto the character, or your character can attain them through RP via different rituals or events!

5. Will there be unnatural hybrids or mythical animals?
Yes and no. This survey is more or less being used as a deciding factor between "canine world RP" vs "more open and recognizable extended" which would open it up to cats, foxes, dogs, and wolves. Allowing mythical animals is not something that's on the table. Unnatural hybrids, however, if the game were to open up to the 4 different species, unnatural cat/wolf hybrids would be allowed!

Closing notes to bear in mind if anyone chooses to tack onto this message, this isn't FeralFront! I absolutely understand everyone's desire to play old characters and in old groups; there are characters and groups that I miss too. But in an effort to expand ourselves and create our own unique identity, there are things that will change and be different but will be fun and enjoyable nonetheless!