If I don't return with my shield (Marvel Interest Check!) I'll be coming home upon it


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Jul 8, 2021
So anyone remember back in like 2008 the animated Next Avengers movie? I want to RP something like that; I do have one thread of it but its a really good plot i dont mind having multiple threads XD

So basically the movie is based off a what-if comic. What if Ultron returned using Stark Tech to make himself virtually invincible?

In the movie the avengers get together and have children, when the Avengers fall to the new, stronger Ultron Tony and Vision are tasked with keeping the children safe; in hopes they are the key to defeating the monstrous synthezoid.

I have a character sheet; for my Hawkeye child Lukas and like his father in the original comics he is deaf; but I usually rp him when signing as bolded ittalics, thoughts as plain ittalics (see example)
Lukas frowned as he stared at the hearing aide in his hand a screwdriver on the floor and nothing. He was trying to figure out how to open it, how to get inside to see exactly what kind of tech Tony had made the hearing aides out of because he had the same pair since...well forever. He saw movement out of the corner of his eye and in a flash the hearing aide joined its match on the bed and he had a knife in his hand aimed at the door. His shoulders sagged with relief as he saw the all too familar face of his mentor and father figure. Tony! He signed as he put his knife away and Tony nodded to the bed. Still haven't figured them out? He signed back to Lukas who shook his head and shrugged. Screwdriver didn't work almost stabbed my thumb! He signed and turned putting the hearing aides back in his ears listening to the sound of rain on the roof. Great. He thought with a frown. Going to train in the rain? He wondered.

sooooooooo any takers?