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Dec 7, 2020

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☾・゚. Summary ———————————————————————————————————
After a mysterious string of murders at the Mafia headquarters, Maxine Lial is at her wits end. Just before she makes the call to execute anyone who she deems suspicious, her secretary suggests hiring a private investigator. At first, Maxine refuses. However, after the murder of one of her Cabinet members and close associates (bed partners), Ramon Caro, Maxine agrees. With the help of her remaining Cabinet members, Maxine makes the decision to hire Lucifer to do the job. Maxine is off to draft the official contract with the Mafia waiting on the edge of their seats.
With the organization in partial lockdown, Maxine sets her new hire free to do his work, closely watched by his secretary, Rhapsody Valentine, and Maxine Lial herself.
Consequently, Maxine calls in her oldest friend for moral support, Viper Bordeaux. Of course, Viper couldn't have enough sense to come alone and brings his entire annoying family with him.

☾・゚. Setting ————————————————————————————————————
The Headquarters building is an abandoned coal-fired powerplant purchased by Maxine Lial herself. The formidable building's many rooms and stories have been fashioned into living quarters and workplaces for the Mafia's members. How have the police not become suspicious of the constant traffic in the old building? Oh, they certainly have, but Maxine was quick to pay them off.
Towering over the city on the outskirts, the sprawling grounds of the Headquarters building are home to many out-sheds and an expansive courtyard that is complete with an onsite cemetery. The ground floor is home to the kitchens, toilet and shower rooms, party rooms, the great meeting room, and several small living rooms. The floors above contain the living quarters for its inhabitants. The top floor is dedicated to Maxine's suite, office, and the offices of her Cabinet members. Directly below the main floor is the level divided between the narcotics/escort and the arms keeping divisions. This is also the floor with the main training hall (although the training is usually held outside in nice weather). Below that is the basement level, consisting of the medical bay and the intelligence division workings. Finally, the basement gives way to the prisons and the tunnel systems. Mostly disused now, the tunnels are considered to be a dangerous place for some and an escape for others. Maxine herself advises not to poke around the tunnels too extensively, for fear of seeing something that one shouldn't.

☾・゚. Extra —————————————————————————————————————
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☾・゚. Starting Post ——————————————————————————————————
Maxine hadn't really cared much about the murders to begin with. She ignored them, chalking it up to someone settling a score or two. While the rest of the Mafia was guessing and speculating on who could be responsible, Maxine had been going about her days, business as usual. In fact, the majority of her Cabinet had. No one seemed to be particularly phased by the occurrences lest for the general population. If Maxine were honest, she'd admit how fun it was to watch them all scurry about in fear of being the next one to go.
There'd even been suspicions pointed in her direction, which Maxine shut down nearly as soon as they had started. For once, she wasn't the issue. Even if she had been, Maxine wasn't going to stand for that kind of defamation towards her. By that point, she was hoping the culprit would get bored and move on. She ignored Hunter's asinine ideas to hire a private detective. There wasn't a need for a detective of any kind, private or otherwise. Everything would sort itself out sooner or later. That was usually what happened, anyway.
Maxine didn't pay close attention to the issue until perhaps the one person she had least expected to die became the next one to go. She'd been at her usual spot, skimming her paperwork and then tossing it into its respective folders. Hunter had knocked softly at the door. Raising a brown eye, Maxine mumbled "Voydite." to invite her secretary inside.
By the way Hunter opened the door just a crack and slid in, Maxine knew something was off. She adjusted herself into a straightened position and faced Hunter with even eyes. "What is issue, then?" Removing her glasses from her nose, Maxine tossed them onto the desk without bothering to fold them.
In response to Hunter's silence, Maxine crossed her arms over her chest and cleared her throat. Hunter took in a deep breath, shaking his head. "Caro... He was found in his office. He was shot." He began in a meek voice.
"Ah, no... N-not alive, I... yeah, not alive." Hunter stuttered, searching Maxine's desolate gaze. "If they've got the balls to go after Cabinet members, Maxine... Please, I think I've found a guy. Just let me call him. I won't do anything without your go-ahead, but... I think it would be in the best interest of the medical division to get this sorted."
Swallowing despite her dry mouth, Maxine repositioned herself in her chair. "Da, do it, I speak with them before they come. Call French, will want to hear this news." She answered.
"Don't you think you should call him?" Hunter's tone was gentle. "He'd want to hear it from you."
Shrugging, Maxine's honey-colored gaze dropped to the floor. "Valentine know yet?"
"She knows, yeah. She's... she's not great. Oliander's with her. Thankfully, she didn't find him like that." Hunter's voice dropped to a whisper. "And you? Are you alright?"
With another shrug, Maxine turned her eyes back to Hunter. "I live." She responded simply. "Will come see him in... moment or two. Make phone call, we talk later."
Hesitating, Hunter nodded. "Okay. I'll call him. Maybe we'll get lucky and... and it won't take but a week or two to get sorted out." He offered as he took a step backward toward the door. When Maxine didn't respond, he took the hint and left. The door closed behind him with a soft click. The silence settled into the office, leaving Maxine alone with her thoughts.
Her frustration spilled over and Maxine hurled her unfortunate eyeglasses at the wall and heaved in a few deep breaths. Her eyes settled where they laid beside the door.
"Blyat," she cursed under her breath. Maxine had known something bad was on the horizon, she'd sensed it on the air. However, she could have never predicted that it would have been this. How could anyone? Despite Caro's reputation, she had known him as unstoppable. So many before this had tried to serve him his karma and had failed.
"Am sorry, Caro. Very, very sorry."
But was she? Not even Maxine was sure. The late mercenary hadn't exactly been a friend, but she didn't hate him either. He was tolerable. Why did it always seem to be the tolerable ones that met their end so quickly, she wondered.
That night, Maxine had spent it less than sober, deep in drafting a suitable contract for Hunter's detective. She had made the immediate decision to provide him with Rhapsody as a secretary. Partially because she wanted to stick Rhapsody somewhere so that Maxine wouldn't have to look at her sadness. Also because Maxine saw her as a decent sacrifice, should things go awry.

On the day of the arrival, Maxine sat at her desk with her hands folded in waiting for the man to be escorted by her personal guards to the office. She sat very still, gaze focused on the broken glasses still laying beside the door. She hadn't bothered to pick them up. Neither had Viper, the few times that the Frenchman had come to check on her. Viper's efforts consisted mainly of keeping an eye on Rhapsody, which Maxine was terribly unhappy with.

Rhapsody Valentine stood shoulder to shoulder with Hunter and Maxine's two guards, one of which was Lucius Lial himself. The pair of guards held their automatic rifles on their shoulders as they waited in silence. She had managed to convince Oliander to let her go alone. In the few days following Caro's untimely death, Rhapsody had been glued to her father's side. When he was working, Rhapsody was trailing after Valentino and Viper. She had figured that it was better to be yelled at than to be alone.
In truth, Rhapsody wasn't ready to go back to work. Certainly not this kind of work. She wasn't comfortable being a secretary for anyone besides Ramon Caro and investigating his murder was far beyond her. Really, she was hoping that she could explain that to whoever was bound to walk through those doors and she'd be left alone to hide. If worst came to worst, she could send Oliander after him, surely. It'd certainly be easier to convince this mystery detective rather than Maxine herself.
Rhapsody was rather good at looking put together when she wasn't. Her red hair was pinned back without a hair out of place. Her gown was pressed as usual and her stockings were crisp and white. Those efforts didn't hide the tiredness in her brown eyes. Everyone in the building was quietly aware of how badly she was taking this. Rhapsody hadn't had a proper sleep in days. She'd had a few hours of sleep on Viper's shoulder one evening and another small nap in her father's office. Beyond that, Rhapsody had been dreadfully awake and anxiously waiting for the arrival of the aforementioned detective.

Viper, on the other hand, had been taking the loss of Ramon Caro surprisingly well. At least, he hadn't said or shown otherwise. He'd stuck beside Val the entire time, which was a bit unusual for him. In fact, Viper had been a bit reluctant to go in the first place. He was here mostly for his former apprentice and Maxine's sake. On the first night at Headquarters, Viper had spoken about how he would rather be home. Caro was a bit of a sore subject for him that Viper would really rather forget.

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Oct 25, 2020
The game of giving and taking favours had dwindled over time as he found himself playing by a new set of rules established by his interactions among the humans in the precinct in Los Angeles. Who would have thought that the Devil himself would have become a devoted detective at heart? Well, he was still just a public consultant, but that didn’t mar the fact that he had grown to enjoy the work… well, the interesting parts anyway. Dealing with stacks of paperwork still did not appease but he did understand how to process through it all. He was adept enough at the job and he had quite the closure rate under his belt. Though he did find himself craving a challenge.

It seemed as if dear old Dad had been listening to that.

When the call came in Lucifer had jumped at the opportunity to take on a solo mission for a certain Mafia group. It seemed as if privately offering up his services had finally come in handy, and he didn’t regret setting himself up as being a private investigator for the grubbier sectors of the world. Even the criminal underworld needed a lawman to sort out their issues.

It didn’t take Lucifer long to book his time off from the precinct and to rope his brother Amenadiel in to watch over LUX, nor did it take long for him to ship himself out to the location of Maxine’s grand mafia headquarters. All the time spent hearing tales about her in both the living world and in the bowels of Hell now bubbled down to this very moment. Though upon his first glance of the structure he found himself growing dubious about the location, especially as he came to realise that his precious 1962 Chevrolet Corvette C1 was destined to be parked here during the course of the case. He rather wished he had left his pride and joy at home in the secure garage, but then again he didn’t want to be caught dead in something less fitting for his personal image.

After sharing some rather stern warnings with one of the guards upon handing over the keys to his vehicle, he then entrusted himself to the other guards who were stood outside waiting for him. With grand strides that oozed an air of commanding confidence, he trailed through the corridors with the escort and made his presence known as he flashed a wicked grin to all of those he passed. Nothing about him could be deemed “quiet”. He was a chaotic force that liked to be known about, and in the end it was up to the individuals around him as to whether they would seek his charm or his wrath.

Rather than allow the guards to open the door to the office for him, Lucifer simply surged past them and pushed through them himself as he made his grand entrance. “Why hello there! I do believe you called for the Devil himself to help solve a stickler of a case.” He announced with a beaming grin that expressed a heightened sense of excitement, like that of a hound readying itself for a hunt. He neatened up the cuffs of his dress jacket as he sidled into the centre of the room with long strides, and once there he offered a curt bow in the direction of Maxine. “Lucifer. Lucifer Morningstar, at your service.”

Val shifted uncomfortably in his chair as he was presented with the sight of the so-called detective that had graced them with his presence. He wouldn’t deny that he felt skeptical about allowing anyone from the outside in to deal with the general chaos and mess that sat at the heart of the organisation. It would likely lead to further trouble, or to a dead detective, and of course once you had a dead detective you generally had more sniffing around and then getting muddled into the grander mess. If it had been up to him he would have left the matter alone. Murders happened, and it wasn’t like Caro hadn’t deserved his fate either. It would have blown over eventually, like a wound. If you don’t irritate it then it simply fucks off after a while.

Besides, he hated coming here. He would have rather stayed far away and kept his hands clean, but that slither of morality that he somehow kept getting plagued by meant that he was here with Viper. Though he could tell that for once neither of them wanted to be here at all. Well, they were stuck here now, and were burdened with the additional hassle of babysitting a detective who seemed convinced that he was also the Devil. “What loony bin did this one crawl out of?” He grumbled under his breath, only wanting those stood closest to him to hear. Though judging from the brief glance shot his way by the so-called detective it was clear that his whispered remark had not been missed. But in that brief second of eye contact he could not shake a sudden unease that sank into his very core and left him chilled. He huddled more tightly into his long fur-lined coat and he retrieved his phone from his pocket so he could quickly message Viper.

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Dec 7, 2020
Maxine had taken a shot of something strong, leaned her head back, and withdrew a deep breath that she had been holding. Composing herself just enough to hide the idea that she could be mourning, Maxine's dark brown eyes returned to their usual still and coldness. Maxine didn't like the idea of weakness, especially not with an alleged murderer afoot. Everyone in the building knew how at risk Maxine was. She could probably win an arm wrestle with whoever dared deal a sour hand to her members, but that was beside the point.
She was grieving Ramon Caro. She didn't take well to losing someone... Loved? Cared about? Was acquainted with? Maxine knew that she didn't love Ramon Caro. She knew that Caro's heart never laid with her anyway. In fact, they had intentionally hurt each other on the regular. Still, both of them knew that, no matter what, this was all that they had. That was, of course, not taking Rhapsody into account. Maxine wasn't jealous, more just quietly disappointed by Caro's affair with his apprentice.
Eyes lifting to the door when it was opened, Maxine blinked to her visitor. "Dobro pozhalovat',' She mumbled with a clearing of her throat. "Hunter, door, blagodaryu vas." Her voice was rumbling, the Russian welcome and thanks rolling from her tongue much smoother than her English words.
On cue, the office door clicked closed behind Lucifer and the guards shifted into place. The office was paneled with cherry oak wood, which was littered with stray bullet holes. It wasn't exactly extravagantly decorated, with the exception of Maxine's large U-shaped desk. A third of it was cluttered with half cleaned weaponry and the rest was completely tidy. Every paper had its place. Within an arm's reach was the majority of Maxine's personal weapons. In the corner, a record player whispered a quiet but rich melody. A door on the right wall had been left slightly ajar, just enough for a small kitchen and living space to be seen. For all of Maxine's wealth, she lived a rather modest existence... besides her car collection, several hundred personal weapons, and genuine leather jackets. Priorities.
Unlike Lucifer's grandiose nature, Maxine was wreathed in an air of power. Her eyes met Lucifer's with an unamused straight expression. She didn't take nonsense from anyone, Devil or otherwise. "At service, correct," She answered, drawing in a breath. "While here, you take no important information from building, else owe me payment." She stated, tapping the piece of paper before her with the pen she had been holding. "None of property will go missing, else owe me payment. Are to have escort in armory hall and narcotics floor. Mafia does not take guests lightly, are here on business and not vacation. Will report to me daily, your progress. I'll not give you deadline, to be nice, but not afraid to make one if need. I allow you correspondence with my embassies, but only through professional translator. Escort and translator will be Rhapsody Valentine. She not to leave you unattended without my knowledge during work hour, nine to five. Contract is binding, break and I personally put bullet in your skull, understood?"
Without breaking eye contact, Maxine slid the paper and pen towards Lucifer. "You sign or you go, choice your's." She shrugged. "Not care either way." But really, she did. A bit too much for comfort, in fact. Maxine needed this gone quickly. With her luck, the next idiot to stumble over the murderer would be one of her sons or worse, a secretary.
Her eyes turned to Rhapsody, who was standing stiff as a board beside Valentino, in vain hopes of protection most likely. "Signature, Valentine."

Viper sat up in his chair a bit like he was preparing himself to catch Rhapsody's wrist as she passed him as the secretary floated her way across the room and delicately signed her name at the bottom of the paper. He was discomforted by the look in Maxine's eyes as she gazed upon Rhapsody. Viper knew that she saw the young translator as completely disposable. Maxine was fully prepared to not get Rhapsody out of this deal and that greatly bothered Viper. Why did it feel like no one wanted her alive besides him?
He'd been the one to have put up with the majority of Rhapsody's mourning. Perhaps he wouldn't have minded if the subject of said mourning had been for anyone else. Despite his distaste for Caro in recent years, Viper couldn't deny that Ramon Caro had saved his life all those years ago.
Glancing at Val, Viper slipped his hand into Val's fingers, a softly pleading look in his eyes. "Please don't." He mouthed, leaning closer to nuzzle his cheek comfortingly against Val's shoulder. With luck, Viper would be permitted to sleep tonight, now that Rhapsody was technically to be babysat by someone else. He felt guilty for wanting her out of his suite, but he did. It was getting draining to listen to her endless stories about Caro. Even though Viper was more than content with Val, Caro had still chosen Rhapsody, his apprentice, over Viper, his long time friend. It still stung.
As the transaction was brought to a close, the tension in the room seemed to settle a bit. Maxine's honey eyes drifted upwards to her guards, who started to shift away from the door when Hunter spoke.
"Maxine... yesterday I told you that maybe we should consider calling Caro's ex-wife and daughter?" His voice was tentative but filled the room. Maxine straightened her back, eyes turning from unreadable to visibly irritated. "His son, small medic." She proposed. Hunter grimaced and shook his head vigorously. "Apollo is in no condition to break that kind of news."
An irritated huff left Maxine's nose. "Who say they need know? Both left, not my problem." She stated dismissively.
Like a fruit fly, Hunter dove back in to pester Maxine. "Yes, I know, I know, but you should."
Simultaneously, Viper and Lucius cast Hunter a long glance to shut up.
"So set on it, you do it." Maxine rumbled, narrowing her eyes at Hunter.
"I'll do it."
Every eye in the room turned to Rhapsody. She lifted her chin a bit, unconsciously biting her lip under the many eyes. A smirk came to Maxine's lips. "So you wish, Valentine, be my guest. Will be your problem, then." She decided simply.
Viper's heart sank and he opened his mouth to argue, but no words came out.

"Dismissed, out of office." Maxine turned her eyes away from the gathered group, but not before settling them on Lucifer for a moment. "Wish luck. Find yourself in off-limits, find yourself dead. Watch your step." She warned before she rose from her seat. Holstering the gun she had apparently been holding in her lap, she retrieved a sword off of her wall and a coat from the floor. Anyone who knew Maxine well knew that she was either going to go looking for an easy hitman job or simply take her anger out on the Mafia's prisoners.
Viper hastily lifted himself to his feet and took Rhapsody's chin between his fingers, gazing deep into her eyes. "Let me do it." He whispered, paying no mind to Lucifer.
Rhapsody swallowed, turning away from Viper. "He was my husband, not yours." She reminded him in a tiny voice. Viper stared at Rhapsody for a long second before he backed away to retreat to Valentino's side.


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Oct 25, 2020
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Lucifer listened carefully to all that Maxine said and throughout he remained upbeat and smirking. It was clear that he wasn't all that perturbed by the terms of the contract, nor did he fear the likes of Maxine. The Devil had no reason to fear a mere human after all. And it wasn't like his love was here either so his immortality would remain firmly intact. "A translator? Hardly necessary, I am well versed in all of humanities languages, and several ethereal and abyssal ones at that. But I will humour your wishes and I will accept the escort." He felt the urge to make a joke but he managed to muster up the strength not to.

As the paper was offered up to him he leaned forward and eyed the contract with care before he picked up the pen and signed his name on the line. He gave a smug chuckle as he set the pen back down. "There we go. I am now bound to this case." He then looked over at the one called Rhapsody and he offered a friendly enough smile. Though that smile didn't last as he fell back into silence as he proceeded to listen and study all of those around him. There was a lot to process and he could detect the rush of emotions as topics came and went. It was clear to him that there were issues here, and the recent murder was bringing everything to the brim of the boiling pot of Maxine's mafia. If he were to solve this case then he would likely have to unravel the rest of the chaos... carefully.

Valentino gave Viper's hand a returning squeeze whilst he had the chance before he lowered his gaze and kept himself distanced from the whole affair. He didn't want to be here and he just wanted to go home. He tuned himself out of the situation entirely at that point and he drifted off into more pleasant thoughts relating to new dress designs that he wished to try making, provided that he was ever given the chance to work again in his own home. Though he was soon dragged back into reality as he heard that they were finally dismissed. However, his hopes of escaping straightaway were scuppered as he noticed Viper going to Rhapsody. An indignant whine escaped the tall male, but before he could voice further complaints his love was back at his side once more. He reached out and sought Viper's hand with the hopes of dragging him out of the meeting room. "Let's get out of here." He grumbled quietly as his patience thoroughly ran out.

Lucifer took the opportunity to sidle up to Rhapsody's side and he once again offered a friendly smile. "Ms Valentine, shall we attend to your current task then? After that we can focus on the case." He had no qualms to handling a bit of a detour.


trapped in airplane purgatory
Dec 7, 2020
Viper followed Val through the halls, his head lowered and his usual brightness subdued. His head was tightly gripping Val's and Viper's cheek was rested against the taller man's arm. He didn't put up a fight in the slightest. Viper was too tired to really put up many complaints.
He was annoyed with himself for feeling how he did. Viper desperately missed Ramon Caro-- not that he would ever admit that to Val's face. At the same time, he felt so incredibly guilty that at least he had Val, but Rhapsody had no one. At the moment, it felt like Rhapsody didn't even want Viper there at all.
Above all else, he wanted to go home.
Viper was exhausted, emotionally, and physically. The very few hours that he slept were restless and uncomfortable, haunted by dreams from the past and vivid relivings of old memories.
"Do you want to go out tonight or something?" Viper offered in a quiet voice. His soft eyes lifted upwards to look at Val. He wasn't sure where they'd go, but Viper trusted Val to make the big decisions on his behalf. Well, he trusted Val to an extent. Never a good idea to trust Val fully. Viper didn't want to be sold off for a profit or something. Viper wasn't really picky about where they went, so long as it wasn't here.
The guilty feeling nagged at him again as Viper stared up at Val with his tired pink eyes. Viper wouldn't be the most interesting companion. Then again, when had he ever been? That was specifically the reason why Ramon Caro had married Rhapsody instead, wasn't it?
"Unless you want to go out with Alexei and Ivory? Where ever they are." He offered, trying to sound chipper. Viper knew that Alexei and Ivory would arguably be more interesting. The two had been treating the trip like a vacation and abandoned Viper to his own devices to follow Val around. Alexei had made a few passes at Rhapsody, earning himself a tearful scolding from Viper. So, Alexei was ignoring Viper until further notice.

Rhapsody watched Viper leave, standing as still as a statue. She was deeply regretting not taking Viper up on his offer. Hunter shot Rhapsody an apologetic look. "I'm sorry... I was hoping Maxine would do it. You don't have to, Rhappy, I can do it." He coaxed in a gentle tone. "I didn't think you were going to offer..."
"Maxine wasn't his wife. And you aren't either." Rhapsody shot back, annoyance growing in her voice. She didn't want to. Boy, did she not want to. But she had to. That was her job. As much as Mitzi, Artemis, Maxine, and probably Viper too would rather erase it entirely, Ramon Caro had still married her. She hoped there was a reason for it. Although, it was probably not one that she would want to hear.
Hunter retreated after Lucius and the guards, leaving Rhapsody alone with the brand new detective. She glanced at him when he spoke. A large part of her was tempted to tell Lucifer that he should do it. If he wanted to solve the case so badly, he should be the sucker who had to deal with everything involved in it.
"Well, I guess it shouldn't take too long." She grumbled. Rhapsody didn't even know where she was going to find Mitzi's phone number. She didn't exactly want to go bothering Apollo for it. She was sure Maxine had it, but Rhapsody definitely did not want to be on the receiving end of her grumpiness. Finally resolving to send her father a text message to retrieve the number from Apollo's phone, she paused. No, Oliander would definitely say no. Better to bother the Friendly Chemist instead, he was more open to letting Rhapsody emotionally traumatize herself.
She sent the message and led Lucifer from Maxine's office, nudging the door closed behind her. Rhapsody led the way down the hall, keeping pace with Lucifer and every so often glancing at her phone. Mafia members passed them occasionally, becoming more frequent as they neared an intersection. Surprise came to Rhapsody's face for a moment and she paused in her step. After a split second of thinking, Rhaposdy grabbed Lucifer by his arm and dragged him down a more crowded hallway and turned another corner to an empty one. "We'll take the long way, if that's alright with you." She stated, leaving no room for arguments as Rhapsody shooed Lucifer down a small staircase and past a set of large doors that clicked closed behind them. The trill of an incoming text to Rhapsody's phone echoed on the concrete walls. She fixed her glasses on her freckled nose to read it, eyebrows creased with slight worry. For a moment, she wondered if a text would do. Rhapsody knew that she wouldn't want that kind of news by text, but really, she didn't care what Mitzi and Artemis would want.
Deciding against it, Rhapsody lifted the phone to her ear. The phone rang a few times and Rhapsody resolved that Mitzi just wouldn't answer and so she could just leave a message and that would be it.
However, Rhapsody wasn't so lucky. She froze when the call was answered with a "Hello? Who's this?"
Rhapsody turned her wide, anxious brown eyes to Lucifer as she tried to gather the words. "Ah, hello! It's... It's Rhapsody Valentine, I was just calling you because he's, uhm, Ramon, he's un... unwell."
"Well, what's the matter with him." Mitzi prompted, sounding thoroughly unamused.
"Uh," Rhapsody cleared her throat. "Well, he uh, is unwell with.... he died."
The both of them were silent for a long moment. Mitzi was the first one to answer. "What happened to him?"
"Well... He was shot... There've... been murders-- But! We've got a detective now so they'll stop."
"Wow, Maxine opened her purse strings for a detective, huh? I hope you're next, I really do. It'd be so much easier for everyone."
Rhapsody's gaze came to rest on the floor, searching the floor tiles like the held the answers she'd been looking for. "Will... you cooperate in the investigation...?" She asked in a quiet voice.
"Of course I will." Mitzi answered. Rhapsody looked vainly hopeful for just a moment. "I was his wife, legally, and my children are his oldest heirs. So, you can tell Maxine that I'll be there to settle the investigation and collect his things and my son."
Alarmed, Rhapsody stood up a little taller, pacing in an anxious circle around the hallway. Her voice grew taught and high pitched. "Yes, I know, legal and what have you but... but you see, Maxine has the building on lockdown for the investigation so you can't but we'll be sure to send boxes and paperwork and the like, you know, so--"
"It should have been you, that would have been so much better for everyone. I don't care about whatever asinine lockdown Maxine has." came the tense reply. "There is absolutely no way I'd let the mafia hussy my husband left me for for sex take what is right and legally mine. I'll be there in three days, tell Maxine or don't, won't change any of it." With that, Mitzi promptly ended the call and left Rhapsody to her pacing. She licked her lips in quiet frustration and shoved her phone back into her coat pocket.
"I'm sorry... about her, she's not usually like that." Rhapsody mumbled the apology in a dumb attempt to fake her relationship with Ramon Caro's ex wife to be anything besides what it was: terrible. Despite Rhapsody's resolve not to cry, that didn't stop the subtle hopelessness and fear from bleeding into her soft brown eyes. "What's... the first step of detective-ness?" She asked, turning her eyes to Lucifer's. "You've only got a few hours before Maxine'll want to hear from you again so... I guess make it a quick one?"