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heart's ripple

Jan 6, 2021

//I've finished online school! Next semester I get to go back in person and actually learn something and I definitely won't be as pressed for time. Glad to be back. :)

Heart's Ripple was simply enjoying his spring. Daily fishing trips came along with life in the moor, and now he didn't have to worry about city cats bothering him for the food he had caught. Instead, Heart's Ripple brought them back to camp for everyone to enjoy.

The creeks around the moor were much more interesting and full of life than the pond in the city had been. He was learning much about the behavior of the plants and fish that grew there and he felt as if he himself were growing every day along with them.

He waltzed into camp full of calm, a bunch of minnows hanging out of his mouth along with a slightly bigger fish. Today's trip had been successful, and fun as well. The day was warm and he had taken time to swim and deep clean his soft caramel fur. He pulled the stems of nearby lavender and lodged a few of them into his coat. The violet blooms produced a lovely smell that he could enjoy for the rest of the day.

He dropped his catches into the fresh kill pile and sighed. What else was there to do today?

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Nov 13, 2020

Another tom had found himself striding into WindClan's camp, a catch hanging from his powerful jaws, but between Bear Tooth's teeth was a field mouse, rather than fish. Huge paws guided the brute closer to the fresh-kill pile, mere tail-lengths behind the other, caramel furred feline. Tattered ear twitching, the hulking brute dropped his brown haired prize atop the fish that had been so graciously delivered, before flaring nostrils descended toward one of the minnows. With a snap of stained fangs, Bear Tooth clamped his maw upon one of the small fish, and was quick to swallow it down, before his scorching vision flickered toward Heart's Ripple.

"You and I should fish together some time." The brute suggested in his thunderous vocals. He enjoyed fishing, and if the river beneath the gorge weren't so far away, he'd do it every day. The stream that led to Fourtrees had smaller fish in it, but nothing truly exceptional. Either way, the brute wouldn't mind a fishing trip.

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wild heart
Apr 19, 2021
★★★ - Orange paws would pad from the shade of the rock she was resting under, bringing her closer to the caramel-furred tom that filled the camp with the scent of gentle lavender What a weird combo, she thought as she padded towards the two, watching as Heart's Ripple dropped his catches onto the pile. "Wow, you caught a lot of those slimy buggers!" she said with awe, sitting down nearby with her long, fluffy tail wrapped around her large paws. "I wanna learn how to get better at catching fish, one day maybe," she commented, recalling how difficult it had been to fish out of the creeks in her forest home. It was a lot different than the birds and squirrels she was used to stalking.


Yelling at rocks
Mar 4, 2021
The calico was not far behind her friend; despite the unfortunate flower reading that had made her flee from the camp, she still enjoyed spending time with the flame-pelted she-cat. And, she reflected, it had helped her begin to put words to her feelings - feelings she was finally beginning to acknowledge. It hadn't gotten easier, no, it had just gotten slightly clearer, like the moon appearing behind dark clouds, casting light onto the moor.

Her gaze quick snapped to Heart's Ripple though, the tom who'd taught her how to swim when she had been new to WindClan. He smelled distinctly of something she didn't connect to the rolling hills of the moors with the tall grasses and buzzing insects. It smelled of fish. Blue eyes lighting up, she chirped after Maple and Bear Tooth, "oh, fish taste funny! But I like it. Maple, we should try fishing together some time!"


No Need For The Veil Of Darkness
Feb 26, 2021

Fish, huh? Pyre wasn't particularly one to eat any type of fish, nor did he know how to catch them. Still, his ears twitched and perked up a little. Maybe he could learn how to catch fish. After all, if some cat off-handedly mentioned wanting a fish and there were none in the fresh kill pile, Pyre wanted to be able to catch one for them.

He slinked a little bit closer, not wanting to actively join in the conversation, but to listen, in case there would be any sort of discussion on how to become better at catching fish. He curled his tail around his paws, ears perked up, just listening.

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Name: Pyre
Age: 11 Moons
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Group: WindClan
Rank: Kit
Appearance: Red tabby tom with short fur and pale gold eyes.


Mar 24, 2021
starclan, what was that smell? dry rot's nose crinkled in retaliation against the pungent and piscine. sure enough, an indigent look in the direction of the powerful stench led his eyes to heart's ripple dropping dozens of scaly little creatures onto the freshkill pile. what was with cats this moon and bringing the most peculiar beasts into camp. most everyone seemed pleased with the catches, but dry rot for the life of him couldn't figure out why. hopefully, their interested hunger for the slimy things would mean they would be off the pile soon, and not baking in the warm newleaf sun.


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Mar 26, 2021

Black Snake watched Heart's Ripple return to camp with a curious gaze, growing more interested when he spotted the small fish that the older tom dropped onto the freshkill pile. The tabby kit wasn't sure whether he really wanted to approach the group since Bear Tooth was there, but with the additions of Maplespring and Icecatcher, he decided that there shouldn't be any trouble. While the adults were conversing about whether or not fish tasted good, Black Snake slunk past them to gracefully snag one of the minnows off the pile. Once he situated the fish so that it would stay in his mouth as he walked, he padded over to his mossy-eyed brother with a bit of urgency. He nearly dropped the fish on the way over, but he managed to keep its slimy body out of the dirt. "Dry Rot, look at this. It's so small and ugly." With a mouthful of minnow, his voice sounded a bit garbled, but his face was lit up in a toothy smile.