Lostclan-Home of the Broken (Sign ups)


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Jul 8, 2021
~:Lostclan and the Forsaken:~
Shadows created by a rising storm
The sky turned dark and the stars have fallen
Beware the darkness and the monsters within
Four to bring light once again
• Lostclan is a clan unlike any other. Where the injured and disabled are taught to use their disabilities, and put them towards a common goal. Where the Blind can hunt and lead, where the mute can speak without words, where the cats that were once lost can call home.
The Forsaken
• The Forsaken is a band of rouges following a leader that gained lives through dark means. They are ruthless and battle hungry. They long for the day that they can take over Lostclan, scatter the cats that live there and take the land for themselves.
• Staff on daily for any issues
• Multiple channels for RP, Chat or Minigames
• LGBTQ+ friendly server
• Semi-Lit to Casual RP
• Avalible for partnerships
• And more!
Our Website
Our Discord
(The site has live chat enabled so if any questions use the live chat!)

Stormstars form is here
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