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Dec 7, 2020
Loud is the World

Old people reminisce about the 1960s all the time. It was a very influential time for the world, which was still in shock after World
War II. The era inspired so many novels and movies and gave the world many of its greatest inventions. At the same time, Cold
War fear runs rampant among Americans, as well as a strong issue of xenophobia. Especially for Russians, African Americans,
German, and an increasing distaste for Asian Americans, times are hard. Immigrants are having the hardest time of all, even
among the growing support for civil rights for all American citizens. The industrial age of the 1940s and 1950s is still strong and
hardy to accompany the widespread nationalism. Technology is advancing rapidly, although it's not usually accessible and
affordable for the general public. Education is also on the rise. The world is shifting into a more modern way of thinking, despite
the major bumps along the way.

Plot Summary
Y/C is a Russian immigrant. He works a menial job, living in communal housing with other immigrants. He is jaded and frankly
somewhat annoyed with the American way of life. His focus is on making a living with the hopes of one day moving up in the
world. He has few belongings, among them a typewriter that he uses to communicate with his family and friends far away. When
his typewriter breaks, he is begrudgingly forced to take it to the local repair shop in town. He meets Rhapsody Valentine, the
secretary, and repairwoman. She is kind and understanding with a clear, open mind. Ms. Valentine sticks in Y/C's mind for weeks
on end with her kindness and generosity that stood out amongst the cold, hard capitalism of the American people. They meet again
by chance when Rhapsody defends Y/C by giving a piece of her mind to a group of men spouting anti-Russian sentiments towards
Y/C. From there, the previously friendly relationship grows closer. Rhapsody's family of an accomplished Scottish psychologist
father and spunky Irish nurse mother accepts Y/C without question. Even Rhapsody's stronger Russian family friends seem to be
on board with Y/C, bringing him gifts from their homeland and keeping him updated. However, something seems... a bit off about
them perhaps...?

My Character
Full Name: Rhapsody Liselotte-Asayleus Valentine
Age: 19
Height: 5'1
Hair: Strawberry blonde
Eyes: Honey brown
Description: Rhapsody's face is always warm and smiling. Her complexion is covered in freckles, but her skin is smooth. Her
eyes are soulfuland innocent to match her smile. Her body is petite and feminine.. Her eyesight isn't the greatest, and sometimes
she wears round framed glasses. Her style is rather out there and old fashioned. Rhapsody could easily be mistaken for a young lady
from the 1950s. Her posture isn't lacking either. She stands tall and always seems to look confident, even when she isn't.
Occupation: Receptionist
Parents: Laura 'Xena' and Oliander Valentine
Hobbies: Reading, journaling, exploring, photography
Personality: It's very rare to see Rhapsody not smiling. She's bubbly and easily excitable, but warm and comforting at the same time.
Rhapsody's definitely a child at heart. She tries very hard, even though she gets easily distracted and isn't the best at her job. It's hard
not to fall in love with her warmth and innocence.
Likes: Closed spaces, adventure (all types), contemporary novels, minimalism
Dislikes: Rhapsody isn't one for having dislikes, but if she had to choose one, it would be asparagus.
Strengths: She has an eye for detail and logical problem solving. She's a decent marksman, but is better in the thinking department
than acting.
Weaknesses: Dumb of ass, pure of heart, falls for people way too quickly, impulsive

Rules / Extras

-- Please be at least semi advanced. ^^ I usually write around 400-1000 words. You don't need to match me by any means but
I'd strongly appreciate more than oneliners 😳 -- If you need to drop, not an issue, just pls don't ghost me,,
-- I've got a BUNCH of possible plots, so just let me know if you'd like to see them. This is a recycled plot from an old thread that I v
much miss. I was thinking about turning it into a short story, but would rather try to rp it again :))
-- You're free to do whatever you'd like with Y/C! Make him however you want to.
-- I'll start after you post your form! <33

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Evil Gecko
Feb 22, 2021
Full Name: Yuri Yevgeni Alexeyev

Age: 20

Height: 6'3" or roughly 2m

Hair: Dark brown with blonde peppering throughout

Eyes: Dark green, but not quite emerald.

Description: Yuri's face is nearly always stern, but he does have crows feet marks in the corners of his eyes, and deep laugh lines from a relatively happy childhood. His skin is smooth, aside from calloused and burned hands, caused by years of hard labor, as well as from working in an automotive repair shop. Overall, his dark green eyes hold pained determination and a fiery passion that threatens to consume him. His body is stocky and masculine, and he has grown up with the nickname "Tank" due to this. His style is fairly modern, for being new to the United States, but he is often called dated, as he prefers working clothes to what is comfortable. He has been described as fearless, even when he is afraid.

Occupation: Welder/ Automotive repairman/ Mechanic/ Former Soviet Conscript

Parents: Misha Alexeyev and Vladimir Alexeyev

Hobbies: Writing, Hot Rodding, reading, painting

Personality: Although Yuri looks and sounds like the average Russian conscript from the Cold War, he is far more kind than what he looks. He doesn't understand how his parents can go from fighting with Americans to fighting Americans. He recently lost his parents due to an NKVD "conference" behind the shed before his conscription into the Soviet Army, where he had stolen a truck to escape. This event disenfranchised him with the USSR and the Warsaw Pact. He is stone faced but kind, warm at heart but unsure who to trust. He is rather paranoid, but will slowly learn to trust if someone proves their intentions.

Likes: A good day's work, getting paid, zefir, and small spaces (where he can fit).

Dislikes: Violence (although he will retaliate if he or a loved one is attacked), the USSR, alcohol, potatoes

Strengths: With being a Soviet conscript, he has been trained on a wide variety of Soviet bloc weapons, and carries a Russian PM pistol in his jacket for safety. He is also in extremely good shape physically, and is good at thinking on his toes. Pure of heart, although guarded.

Weaknesses: Pure of heart, as said. His English is... Rough at best. He has a tendency to take things apart to see how they work, unfortunately he forgets to put them together, or he breaks them in the process.