Plot with Fox Hop?

Fox Hop

Oct 29, 2020
Okay, so if you aren't already acquainted with Fox Hop, she's kind of a wildfire. She hasn't had the opportunity to really express her personality as it is since she's still a kit. However, she can be described as a "firecracker". Most of the time, Fox Hop is charismatic and energized. She does tread with caution, but she tries not to show it. She's a chatterbox and has a tendency to find herself in front of trouble.

Friends: Friends are very easy for Fox Hop to make since she socializes almost all the time. She doesn't care what age the cat is, she will approach them without hesitation. However, once she becomes good friends with someone, she likes to drag them along on her continuous adventures.
Rivals: While Fox Hop enjoys making friends with people, she does have her mind set on thriving during her softpaws moons. To have someone to compete against would probably strengthen Fox Hop fuel to become the best she can be, while adding a twist of fun looped in.
Enemies: Like the friendships, Fox Hop can get under the nerves of certain cats. She's talkative and nosy, which can be rubbed the wrong way with certain cats. While Fox Hop can appear to be clueless, she understands when someone doesn't like her. Knowing that someone doesn't like ultimately forces Fox Hop to have a distaste for that certain character. So having enemies is not out of the question.
Relationships: Yes, Fox Hop is still a youngling, but eventually I would like her to be involved in a relationship. While most of the time in roleplays, whoever that character "likes" will ultimately become their mate. However, I like the idea of Fox Hop exploring for the right type of cat for her. "Dating" isn't exactly a thing in real-life for cats, but perhaps Fox Hop becomes obsessive over someone and spends most of her time with them. In the end, Fox Hop is heterosexual, but I can see her being exploratory bisexual when she's a softpaw. Perhaps she has a relationship on both ends of the scale? I'm open to ideas!
Mentorship: In a few moons time, Fox Hop will become a softpaw. Although softpaws jump from sharpclaws, I would like to have a specific one or two sharpclaws that Fox Hop prefer to be trained by. This being the case, I would like to have Fox Hop grow a connection with her mentor(s), similar to one between parent and child or little sister to older sibling. She will more than likely become heavily protective of her mentor(s), so I think that'd be an interesting plot.

Some more specific plot ideas I have come up with include:

  1. A social circle, aka a Friend Group that Fox Hop tends to stick with. I think this would be a fun way to bond some of the kits and softpaws, so that they always have someone to roleplay with if all else fails. We had something similiar back on FeralFront Trad. ThunderClan. There was a group of cats who grew up together and had given their friend group a name to identify themselves with. I think it'd be a lot of fun to have that here in Rushing Water too!

  2. While Fox Hop is described to be sided with a "happy-go-lucky" type, I would like her to slowly morph into a analysis and more settled character. I think the "happy-go-lucky" personality works very well when she's a kit and early softpaw, but I want to her start maturing into a more relaxed character, who has the social flaw of being brutally honest, just speaking her mind without understanding the consequences. I had a character like this in Trad. RiverClan, who I enjoyed, so I wanted to add some of her personality into Fox Hop. Although this sounds like a character development, I would like to have someone influence her to start shaking off that optimistic personality. Perhaps some teasing and minor bullying (not a big deal type) to put Fox Hop in perspective. This role can be taken up by more than one character: sharpclaw or softpaw.

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Oct 23, 2020
Okay so it sounds like Fox Hop and Sparrow would be like besties but Sparrow is a sharp claw already so shes a lot older HOWEVER could possibly mentor her in the future??!!