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May 29, 2021
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Hey! I'm a semi-advanced roleplayer who enjoys making little worlds and exploring them. I mostly play more feminine characters but I don't mind playing more masculine characters in my roleplays but if you need a love interest or something specific, I'm okay with whatever. Other than that, I prefer a more casual threads. I'm in trad., have work, and have college full time so there may be times where I can be inactive at times so I'm looking for people who also want to be flexible with their roleplaying ^.^. If you have plot ideas that you would like to share with me then post away! I am always up for plotting and chatting. I'll add or cross out any other plots if I think of more <33

slice of life
Muse a is from a picture perfect family, muse b is from the 'wrong sort' of family. They're childhood friends who fall in love, even though the world around them seems to be falling apart.

Muse a and b are complete strangers but meet up when they find out their significant others are having an affair while married to a and b so they decide to steak out to catch their s/o's in the act. Muse a is reluctant but muse b convinces them anyway.

Muses are living in a mall after the world comes to an apocalyptic end. They are just living it out and trying to keep it safe. They can be together during or before the whole scenario, could've been friends, or are currently still getting to know each other.

In a medieval world, full of what the public claims as peace, everything seems to run smoothly. Small villages and townships governed and protected by many different kings and live in peace with one another. Those with magical abilities are special. Till a few years beforehand, there was an assassination of the king's wives by dark magic. Dark magic had been outlawed thousands of years prior. The killer was cunning and no one was found, leaving the leaders broken and giving. A war to protect a way of life for many of the citizens left mass death and years later, magic of all kind had been eradicated, except muse a and muse b.

Muses are two raiders from different island villages whom develop a rivalry when their dragons get into a spat in the middle of a raid. The two compete, seeing who can collect the most bounty over the shortest period, racing between cliffs, arguing about whose dragon is the sickest ride.

Muse a is a witch in trouble so they decide to summon a demon to help deal with their enemies. muse b, evil personified, calculating and willing to make her wishes come true but only if muse a gives them their soul in payment. the demon fulfills their end of the bargain and comes to kill muse a but learns the witch had placed a binding spell on the two, meaning the demon will die if they take the witch's soul. some fun witchy drama.

Muse is a werwolf bounty hunter that kills in exchange or money and food. their boss have given them a new targe, muse a : a forest spirit who grants a single favor for those pure of heart.

For decades, wild horses have roamed freely over the American plains; enduring the harsh climates and unforgiving seasons. Here, the wilderness fight for leadership, dominance & control. Their survivors goal is to pass mother nature's test of life. Will muse a and b survive in the wilderness? Or will you fall to mother nature's feet first?

Muse a is the child of the royal family. But all they know is the dragon that’s raised them, Muse b. They and the dragon know nothing of their royal heritage. The dragon simply encountered a lost child and took them under their wing and the child has forgotten at this point. One day knights “rescue” muse a and return them to their family. But they want desperately to stay with the dragon. They hate their new life and miss their family. Soon, however, a strange knight with odd eyes arrives at the palace gates. He refuses to pledge loyalty to the kingdom or the royal family, Only Muse a. Once muse a is closer, they can clearly see that this is their dragon, somehow in human form. They’d recognize those eyes anywhere.

Welcome muses to Evergreen Ranch, an equine and rider training campus who for the last 30 years have dedicated themselves to producing top young riders and horses. We are ecstatic to invite you to join us this summer. Here, our aim is to push riders to achieve their goals to become top junior riders, nationalists, HOY competitors and even Olympic winners. We strive to make an excellent learning enviroment in which riders learn to connect with their horse, improve, make amazing memories and meet new people on the way. As great as it sounds, it's not all fun and games! You will have to do chores, keep your place at the facility, you will have to not only train your own horse, but train unbroken equines we give you too, it's all part of the challenge. But please, do consider coming along, because it'll be a ride you'll never forget.

On a desert island, more often than not, dog's of different kind seem to end up in this abandoned landmass. They call this "The Transition." The pack of feral dogs that take shelter upon this island believe their ancestors in the stars and skies have brought them to this island to live the life of a true dog alongside their comrades. Its the next step before becoming a star among the nights sky. Muse a is a member of this pack and welcomes muse b to their island.

Muse a and muse b are in one of the top sled dog teams in the country. The race to Nome every year starts in just a few days. During the race, they end up off track, and get lost in a snow storm, with no way of knowing which way to go. They have the food that was supposed to last them till the race ends, until they can find their way home. Sounds fun, plenty of npc's to have fun with.