Public THERE'S NO PLAN [training fail]


space girl ・゚✧
Apr 27, 2021

Feather Fall was finally beginning to feel at home in RiverClan. Learning to swim hadn’t exactly come easily to her, but she was decent enough at it not to struggle getting to and from camp. And possibly the greatest thing since she came here had happened—she’d been assigned an apprentice! And not just any apprentice, but her own little brother Graypaw! She was so unbearably excited to begin his training for the day, she’d even woken up early to prepare. Once she deemed herself ready, she eagerly crossed the river, taking care not to get caught up in the current. She had the best spot in mind for a hunt to teach her brother the basics and try some stealth as well.

Excited as she was, it took her no time at all to reach the perfect spot for the day, a small clearing that tended to attract mice and frogs. There was also a small stream nearby, so they could work on fishing as well! Feather Fall wasn’t too good at fishing herself, so they could learn together. She thought it was an amazing idea. Grinning brightly, she turned to her apprentice to ask how he felt about her hunting spot... and found empty space beside her.

"Graypaw? Graypaw! Where’d you go?" She shouted into the trees, concern clouding her mind. Had she lost him somehow? Was he hurt somewhere out here? Once her panic subsided she realized where he’d gone, to her displeasure. He’d gone nowhere, because he’d never even been with her in the first place. In her excitement to begin training her apprentice in earnest, she’d forgotten the most important thing—her apprentice himself.

Her paws carried her quickly back to the RiverClan camp, and shaking herself dry was the last thing on her mind as she looked around in a state of mild panic. "Where is he? Oh, I must be the worst mentor ever," she mumbled dejectedly. She could see her apprentice nowhere, though that didn’t mean he wasn’t hiding. She just hoped he’d forgive her for accidentally leaving him behind.


Apr 2, 2021

Strange, unfounded excitement coursed through Berrypaw's veins. Not much excited the young tom- he often found his feelings fairly numb, coming only in mild waves. Where most felt the push and pull of sea storms and siren song, Berrypaw only felt the flowing tide, regular and mellow. But recently, the thought of training had been bringing him thrill; the jovial accomplishment of knowledge brought his spirits soaring into the skies above, brought a skip to his hopping step.

Though old habits died hard, especially when one was not trying to kill them. Berrypaw was still a late riser, soaking up every hour of sleep that was possible. Now that he was no longer a kit, indulging in food was not an option first thing in the morning- consequently, the tortoiseshell tom had been having to use his nap time in the morning when he got the chance, when his mentor was busy setting everything up for the day. Having the leader for a mentor felt as if it was an all-round boon, what with the bragging rights and all. Scamp was trained beneath a family member instead, which had been... interesting. Part of him figured there may be involved nepotism- that Scamp might get dibs on stuff because of his mentor's affection for him- but he did not dwell on such a thought for too long. The scruffy tom was not one to remotely care if someone else got a 'cooler' chore than him. And it would be hypocritical to worry; his own mentor was a powerful molly within the clan, the most powerful feline of them all. To complain about the mentorship of others would be illogical and obnoxious.

Hearing his older sister's call, the tortoiseshell tom limped over, his hopping walk tinged with a tilt of curiosity. Olive eyes lingered upon Forte's mumbling tones for a moment, wondering where her apprentice was, by the sounds of it. "How did you lose someone that talkative?" he murmured incredulously- as incredulous as his mumbled monotone could manage, anyway.