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Oct 5, 2020

Character Creation
NAMING is based on the canon Warrior Cats naming system. -kit at birth, -paw as an apprentice, and a unique suffix upon completion of training. Leaders will take on the -star suffix, please see the section about STARCLAN for more info.
- Cats may not be named after human objects or curses.
- Loners can have any name as long as it's not offensive.

- Realistic domestic feline genetics apply to the characters in this game! Feel free to contact one of the sites geneticists for help with this!
- Genetic mutations are allowed, make sure to do ample research to play these mutations accurately.
- Only kittypets may be purebred. Clan cats may carry traits of interesting purebred breeds, but are unlikely to be purebred themselves.

HYBRIDS are allowed to be played so long as they are four generations (f4) removed from the original wildcat.

ACCESSORIES are limited to collars and pet jewelry.
- No ear piercings unless that character was a kittypet.
- Collars, chains, and other things can be worn around the neck! Do keep in mind the lack of thumbs, they might need help to get the accessory on!

- Please take extra care in playing disabled characters, both physically and mentally; take the care to portray all things respectfully, accurately, and appropriately.
- For example, a blind or deaf cat must be played in a way that reflects their disability and the adaptations they've developed living with said disability.
- Mutations often come with physical detriments. Albinism carries poor eyesight, light sensitivity and high risk of deafness. Gigantism often results in diabetes, early death, and heart failure. Dwarfism runs the risk of skeletal deterioration and osteoporosis. Please do research on whatever mutations you'd like to apply to your character!

ACCENTS are allowed! The territories are assumed to be in a common-English speaking area so RP should remain primarily in English.
- Simple phrases from foreign cats are allowed, try to limit this to no more than 4 foreign words in their vocabulary.

Environment & World
FLUID TIME allows for certain events to take place simultaneously despite being logically impossible to allow for specific interactions. If you're ever confused on whether a thread takes place before or after an event, ask the poster!
- Retroing threads to certain big events is perfectly acceptable. However, fluid time does not allow you to pretend certain events never happened. Please keep the general timeline of RP in mind as you play!

- Be semi-realistic with recovery times! We don't expect you to play a character with a broken leg for 5 months, but try to realistically build-up to their recovery over time!
- Some severe injuries will require twoleg intervention to avoid death, such as severed limbs or severely broken bones. Medicine cats are not equipped to handle injuries like these.

- Travel between the Tribe and the Clans is not allowed without an interesting plot and staff permission. For reference, this trip would take approximately a moon to complete if the character knows the way, longer if they get lost.
- Travel between clans is permitted! For reference, walking from WindClan to the Twoleg place (the two locations furthest from each other) would take approximately 1-2 hours.

- Plots that affect the whole clan must first be discussed with the leader. This includes dangerous weather/natural disasters (wildfires, floods, earthquakes, etc.) predator invasions, and starting wars.
- When plotting, keep the rest of the roleplayers in mind. Everybody wants to be involved, so try to be inclusive and share the spotlight!

- Human NPCs are great plot devices. Please see the PLOTS section for more info when it comes to using them for territory-altering plots.
- Characters cannot understand human speech or writing.
- Characters can find and interact with human objects! It's unlikely that they would know what the object is, so do your best to describe it through the character's point of view and leave an out-of-character note saying what the item is!

- NPC creatures (such as dogs, foxes, badgers, hawks, and Twolegs) can be played for plots! However, they cannot be fully-fledged characters in the game and are free to be played by other participants in the thread.
- NPC cats can be recurring, and it's encouraged to use NPC clanmates for certain activities when there are no players available for your plot!

SWEARING can be used in descriptions, but not for use in your character's thoughts or speech.
- Warriors-based swears (mouse-brain, fox-dung, etc.) are encouraged.
- Create your own warriors-based swears! Get creative with it!

HP POSITIONS are earned through RP and promotion, you can't ask to become an HP!
- The clan leader can reject, exile, and punish characters as they see fit.
- Only the medicine cat and their apprentices can have knowledge of herbs (unless they choose to teach other cats). Basic knowledge is permitted, such as the use of cobwebs and poppyseeds.
- An HP can be replaced after 15 or fewer posts a month or 2 weeks of no posts. The hierarchy of HP takeover goes in order of Deputy > Lead Warrior > Medicine Cat > Warrior. Don't hesitate to contact staff to ensure the takeover goes smoothly!
- A leader or medicine cat can only be in their position for a year and a half (548 days) before needing to step down, retire, or otherwise.
- A person can only have 1 character in each HP route; leading (leader or deputy) or healing (medicine cat or medicine cat apprentice). You cannot have multiple in each route across different clans.

- Real-life gods are not permitted to be used in the game.
- Belief in StarClan is not required but it is encouraged. Characters that do not believe in StarClan may face consequences from their clan.
- Characters can have their own religions, but these religions and deities are not canon and therefore cannot show themselves or bestow gifts, prophecies, lives, or powers to their followers

- Only a leader believing in and following StarClan may receive nine lives. They will still receive the -star suffix but in title only.
- For a character to go to StarClan when they die, they must have been good in life and believed in StarClan. If a character was evil but believed in StarClan, they would go to the Dark Forest.
- If a character does not believe in StarClan, they will not go to either afterlife UNLESS a cat in either StarClan or the Dark Forest guide them.
- In an effort to keep StarClan behaving consistently across the game, interaction with StarClan requires staff permission. This should typically stay restricted to leaders and medicine cats, so keep that in mind when requesting permission!

REINCARNATION is allowed so long as the character has no memories of their past life, and the spirit that inhabits the new body never went to an afterlife and lingered on Earth to be reborn.

SENSITIVE TOPICS can be difficult to navigate as we don't want to offend anybody, but there is a proper and improper way to play these topics.
- Nonnegotiable trigger topics include gore, abuse and death. If someone asks you to add a trigger tag for something, please edit one in.
- No excessively wide age-gap relationships. Apprentices cannot have kits.
- Addiction is currently permitted but will be reviewed for moderation on a case-by-case basis.
- Miscarriages are allowed but must be played with the utmost care. This is NOT to be used as a simple plot device, and must carry lasting effects on the characters involved.

- No overpowered characters! This includes characters that are too small and quick to get hit or too big and strong to be defeated. All characters should have flaws!
- Try to keep sizes realistic! The average cat is approximately 10 inches tall, and while there can definitely be some variance in this average, try to keep it realistic to stay in line with the rule above! A cat should be no larger than a small Cocker Spaniel unless the character has gigantism or dwarfism. If that's the case, please see the section on DISABILITIES.
- No powerplaying or godmodding. You should never assume an attack succeeded, instead it should be attempted so the RPer has time to react.
- Defeating a predator will require multiple cats, don't underestimate dangerous animals!​
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